Mobile Legends Original Server Patch 1.8.66: Details of the new Hero “Chip”, AllStar Event, and More

Mobile Legends Original Server Patch 1.8.66: Details of the new Hero “Chip”, AllStar Event, and More

17. March 2024 by Never

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Original Server Patch 1.8.66 has been released, introducing highly anticipated events and numerous adjustments to most heroes and gameplay mechanics.

The ALLSTAR 2024 event is set to launch soon, allowing players to engage in tasks and claim various in-game cosmetics and exclusive skins. Additionally, the MLBB Original Server Patch 1.8.66 brings significant adjustments to most Marksman heroes and introduces a new draft pick system.

MLBB Original Server Patch 1.8.66 New Hero and Adjustments

New Hero: Chip, Phase Technician

Hero Feature: A Support/Tank hero capable of utilizing portals to traverse the battlefield and assist allies. Available on March 16th (Server Time).

Passive: Snack Time! Chip indulges in potato chips when out of combat, gradually regenerating lost HP after consuming an entire bag.

Skill 1: Crash Course Rams his hovercraft into the ground, dealing damage and applying marks on enemy heroes while gaining a shield. The next Basic Attack becomes ranged, hitting nearby enemies with marks and stunning them.

Skill 2: Overtime Chip rushes forward, gaining increased Movement Speed and empowering his next Basic Attack to charge at the target, dealing damage and knocking them back.

Ultimate: Shortcut Chip drops the Main Portal on an enemy hero and creates Connecting Portals near allied heroes and behind the allied Base. Main Portal deals damage and slows nearby targets after a delay, inheriting a portion of Chip’s Attributes.

Special Skill: Why Walk? Chip has 4 Beacons on the map, enabling him to teleport between them.

Hero Adjustments:

Several heroes have undergone adjustments to their abilities and attributes, including Masha, Silvanna, Paquito, Miya, and more.

MLBB Original Server Patch 1.8.66 Battlefield Adjustments

Limited-Time Map: The 2024 ALLSTAR Theme Map, “Euphora,” will be available for a limited time. It features revamped background music and sound effects corresponding to the ALLSTAR music theme.

Attack Speed: The growth of Attack Speed has been optimized, eliminating the Attack Speed Threshold limitation for smoother progression.

Battle Spell: Inspire now provides a slightly reduced Attack Speed Boost.

Mythic Gold Lane Outer Turret: The damage reduction for allied heroes near an Energy Shield has been increased.

Controls: New control settings have been added for improved gameplay experience.

Other Changes: Various optimizations and bug fixes have been implemented, enhancing overall gameplay quality.

MLBB Original Server Patch 1.8.66 Events

ALLSTAR: A series of ALLSTAR events will commence soon, offering players the chance to earn exclusive rewards.

Mega Sale: Enjoy discounts of up to 50% during the Mega Sale event.

Exclusive Items Returned for a Limited Time: Exclusive recall effects and skins will be reintroduced for a limited time.

SPARKLE Melissa: Take advantage of limited-time offers and exclusive rewards during the SPARKLE Melissa event.

Twisted Fairytale Draw Event: Participate in the draw event to obtain the guaranteed skin Vexana “Twisted Fairytale.”

Infernal Wyrmlord Draw Event: Engage in the draw event to acquire the exclusive skin Moskov “Infernal Wyrmlord” and its accompanying rewards.

S32 First Recharge Event: Recharge to claim exclusive rewards, including the S32 First Recharge Avatar Border and Elite Skin Harley “Star Magician.”

Lucky Box, Zodiac Summon, StarLight, Grand Collection: Various events featuring exclusive skins and rewards.

Fragment Shop Adjustments: Changes to the available items in the Fragment Shop.

Free Heroes: Enjoy access to a rotating selection of free heroes and extra StarLight member heroes.

Discover the Thrilling Updates of Mobile Legends Original Server Patch 1.8.66: Prepare for an Epic Adventure

These are just some of the highlights from the Mobile Legends Original Server Patch 1.8.66! With exciting new content, adjustments, and events on the horizon, get ready to dive into the world of MLBB like never before!