Mobile Legends Natan Guide: Optimize Your Gameplay

Mobile Legends Natan Guide: Optimize Your Gameplay

10. April 2024 by Never

This Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Natan build guide is your key to maximizing the hero’s potential. Discover the best items, emblems, and Battle Spells to elevate your gameplay.

Mastering heroes like Natan, who can fulfill multiple roles, can be a game-changer, particularly in ranked matches. With his Ultimate ability to summon a clone of himself, Natan brings unpredictability to the battlefield.

Natan Skills in Mobile Legends

Passive: Theory of Everything

  • Natan gains Entanglement stacks when he or his Reverse-Clone hits enemies, granting extra Attack Speed and Movement Speed.
  • His Basic Attacks return to him, dealing extra Magic Damage.
  • Natan can convert Physical Lifesteal to Magic Lifesteal.

Skill 1: Superposition

  • Natan shoots energy, dealing Magic Damage to enemies.

Skill 2: Interference!

  • Natan launches a Gravitational Attractor, carrying enemies and dealing Magic Damage.
  • The attractor explodes, knocking back nearby enemies, stunning them, and dealing Magic Damage.

Ultimate: Entropy

  • Natan summons a Reverse-Clone, inheriting his attack attributes and copying his moves.
  • He can switch places with the Reverse-Clone, reducing other skills’ cooldowns.

Best Natan Build in Mobile Legends

Recommended Build:

  1. Magic Boots – Cooldown Reduction
  2. Feather of Heaven – Extra Magic Damage and Attack Speed buff.
  3. Golden Staff – Convert Crit Chance to Attack Speed.
  4. Starlium Scythe – Additional True Damage and Movement Speed.
  5. Haas’ Claws – Massive Lifesteal increase and Attack Speed buff on Critical Strikes.
  6. Divine Glaive – Massive Magic Penetration based on enemy’s Magic Defense.

Best Natan Emblem in Mobile Legends

Recommended Revamped Emblem:

  • Tier 1: Thrill – Extra Adaptive Attack
  • Tier 2: Weapon Master – Increase Physical Attack and Magic Power
  • Tier 3: Killing Spree – Hero kills restore HP and gain Movement Speed.

Best Battle Spell for Natan in Mobile Legends

Suggested Battle Spells:

  • Inspire – More Attack Speed and healing, with attacks ignoring Physical Defense.
  • Flicker – General-purpose spell for most heroes.
  • Purify – Counters enemies with Crowd Control effects.
  • Retribution – Use only when playing as Natan Jungle.

Dominate the Battlefield with Our Ultimate Natan Guide in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mastering Natan requires strategic thinking and adaptability. With this guide, you’re equipped to dominate the battlefield in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. So, gear up, summon your Reverse-Clone, and lead your team to victory!