Minnesota RØKKR is considering merging with another esports organization

Minnesota RØKKR is considering merging with another esports organization

14. April 2023 by miranda angeles

News has recently become public suggesting that the parent company of Minnesota RØKKR is considering a long-term strategy for its business. In that strategy, a merger with another esports organization is being considered.

Failure to reach a merger agreement with another organization could force Minnesota RØKKKR to sell its Call of Duty League squad. This would be a shame, as the team has gained notoriety and has excelled since its inception in the league in 2020.

Possible sale of Minnesota RØKKR

For many organizations, the Call of Duty League has always been a very difficult barrier to overcome. It can be said that only organizations with significant financial backing have been able to join the league; a team needs to pay $25 million to be part of the league.

It can be said that CoD esports has become a money game rather than a passion for the game. Every season you can see bidding wars going on to get the best players; it often comes down to money.

And, of course, it makes all the sense in the world. It stands to reason that since it is so difficult for an organization to be profitable in the esports industry, everyone wants to generate as much money as possible.

This fact has been seen in different organizations currently experiencing severe financial crises. In addition, we have seen that some of the biggest esports organizations like TSM and CLG have had to make changes where their staffs leave some competitive scenes.

This crisis has also hit Minnesota RØKKR, so the organization has initiated a sale process. This information was released by the organization’s Director of Version1 Operations, Brett Diamond, in an interview for Fox9.

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Minnesota RØKKR in the CDL

The CDL this year has managed to impose new rating records; this could be seen from the opening of the season. However, it seems that version 1 is insufficient as they still need an overhaul in their strategy to keep the organization afloat. So Minnesota RØKKKR may soon be sold or merged with another organization as OpTic Texas has done before.

On the other hand, it is important to comment that the Minnesota RØKKR team in the CDL has not given the expected results. It can be said that last season was quite disappointing; out of twelve teams participating in the league Minnesota RØKKKR came in eighth place.

For Minnesota RØKKKR, it has been a tough year, and the decisions made have not been so satisfactory. After an 8-game losing streak, the team changed their roster but failed to improve.

This year may be the team’s last season participating as Minnesota RØKKKR; many fans of the team are wondering if they will be able to see their team win again as they did in 2021. However, for now, we must wait for the league to start, so we can see how all the teams are doing.