Microsoft to Enhance Xbox Tech Support with Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft to Enhance Xbox Tech Support with Artificial Intelligence

8. April 2024 by Never

Microsoft, the powerhouse behind Xbox, is experimenting with an artificial intelligence tool that could revolutionize the way it addresses customer support issues, functioning as a virtual tech support agent.

Microsoft Tests Xbox Virtual Support Agent Powered by Generative AI

First reported by The Verge on Tuesday, Microsoft is leveraging generative AI to respond to user inquiries, testing an internal prototype of an animated character that uses voice or text to address support issues and provide solutions.

Inspired by its vast library of video games, this new AI prototype is Microsoft’s latest attempt to create a digital assistant, following the discontinuation of Cortana, inspired by Halo, in 2023.


“We are testing an Xbox Virtual Support Agent, an internal prototype of an animated character that can address Xbox Support topics using voice or text. The prototype makes it easy and efficient for gamers to get help with support issues using natural language, drawing information from existing Xbox Support pages.”

  • Haiyan Zhang, General Manager of Xbox Game AI

The chatbot will initiate interactions with customers by asking, “How can I assist you today?” From there, users can engage in a conversation with the AI agent about the issue they wish to resolve.

AI Projects in the Gaming Industry

The Xbox prototype is the latest AI-driven project from a Microsoft-owned company. On Monday, IGN interviewed a Blizzard Entertainment executive, who detailed how the company utilizes artificial intelligence to assist its artists with game design.

Blizzard’s AI efforts extend to various aspects of game development, such as streamlining character armor adjustments and utilizing AI-driven moderation tools to enhance player experiences.

AI Integration Beyond Gaming

In addition to gaming initiatives, Microsoft is integrating generative AI into its Office suite, Windows, and even an AI-enabled keyboard key. In September, Microsoft unveiled its new AI Copilot, which replaced Cortana in Windows 11 and Microsoft 365. Through its partnership with OpenAI, Microsoft also integrates OpenAI’s generative image model, Dall-E 3, into its products.

Microsoft’s Xbox Virtual Support Agent: Revolutionizing Customer Service in Gaming

Microsoft’s foray into utilizing AI for tech support in Xbox marks a significant step forward in customer service innovation. By leveraging natural language processing and drawing from existing support resources,

the Xbox Virtual Support Agent aims to provide efficient and effective assistance to gamers. As Microsoft continues to invest in AI-driven solutions, the future of customer support in the gaming industry looks promising.