Miami Heretics Struggle in the Call of Duty League

Miami Heretics Struggle in the Call of Duty League

27. February 2024 by Never

Miami Heretics continues to face challenges in the Call of Duty League, experiencing two consecutive defeats over the weekend following the first LAN event of the season. The team finds itself at the bottom of the league standings in the race for their own major tournament qualification, with no respite in sight.

Weekend Setbacks

Miami Heretics suffered two more losses during the latest Call of Duty League weekend. The team, unable to find their footing since the conclusion of the first LAN event, faced defeats against opponents who were also struggling to maintain a winning streak, albeit at a similar skill level.

In their first match against Vegas Legion, Miami Heretics managed to push the series to the fifth map, showing glimpses of potential victory. However, they ultimately fell short with a 3-2 score in favor of the Las Vegas-based team.

A similar scenario unfolded the following day against Los Angeles Thieves, where Miami Heretics once again forced the series to the decisive fifth map but failed to secure the victory.

Maintaining Optimism

Despite the recent 0-4 streak over the past two weekends, Miami Heretics expressed optimism and determination on social media. They emphasized their commitment to turning the situation around through hard work and unity, believing in their ability to overcome the challenges they face.

Recent Results

Here are the latest results from the Call of Duty League:

call of duty 2


Miami Heretics Faces Setbacks in Call of Duty League: Recent Matches and Challenges

The upcoming schedule for Miami Heretics presents a single match over the weekend, scheduled for March 3rd against New York Subliners. Their objective is clear: to break the losing streak by securing a victory. However, the task ahead won’t be easy, as New York Subliners currently lead the standings with an undefeated record of four wins.