MeL and Alexis’ winning streak continues at VCT Game Changers

MeL and Alexis’ winning streak continues at VCT Game Changers

31. July 2023 by miranda angeles

MeL and Alexis’ winning streak continues at the VCT Game Changers. Yesterday the girls proved that they have great potential with their V1 teammates.

Last night all the fans watched as Version 1 faced off against Complexity. From this match, the V1 girls came out victorious; maybe it was the result that all the fans were waiting for. However, it was not an easy victory to achieve.

V1 won series II of the VCT Game Changers, and they were arguably the most consistent team in the tournament. This team did not lose a single map in the double-elimination phase. With these results, MeL and Alexis extend their long winning streak in North America.

V1 3-0 victory over Complexity

Undoubtedly the excellent teamwork of the V1 girls has led them to great victories. For example, in V1’s match against Complexity, Ava “Florescent” Eugene was the most outstanding player. However, that would not have been possible without MeL’s excellent leadership and Alexis’ amazing play as a starter.

Without a doubt, this team is full of very talented players. According to the results, Florescent is the strongest duelist in the tournament. This young player has shown her incredible potential. Remember that the league was interested in her long before she could officially join. Florescent, in the last V1 match yesterday, scored over 300 on all three maps; this score was enough for her team to take the lead and win the match.

Arguably, the rise to the top of V1 has been flawless. However, it has not been an easy task. In the tournament, they experienced exciting clashes where they eliminated many of their favorite teams. This frantic and exciting Game Changers competition makes VALORANT women’s esports much more recognized.

VALORANT Women’s Esports

After V1’s victory, MeL did an interview where she commented on the following:

“As more teams play in Game Changers, the girls’ chances of one day merging into the main VCT scene will be higher.”

MeL and Alexis’ careers in VALORANT women’s esports

MeL and Alexis were two legendary members of Cloud9 White. This team was expected to win last year’s Game Changers Championship. However, it was impossible as they lost to G2 Gozen in the most important tournament of the year. Then, MeL and Alexis were signed by their new team V1, where they achieved many victories.

According to information revealed by MeL, she and her teammates are already preparing for next month’s tournament. The V1 girls aim to beat the best teams until they reach Game Changers’ top.

Later, MeL revealed that the girls aim to reach the top of Game Changers and achieve a mixed VALORANT competitive scene.