Maximizing Armory Points in Modern Warfare III and Warzone: A Simple Challenge Strategy

Maximizing Armory Points in Modern Warfare III and Warzone: A Simple Challenge Strategy

9. December 2023 by Never

The Season 1 of CoD: Modern Warfare III and Warzone has introduced a plethora of new content, including a more efficient way to earn armory points. This guide will delve into the strategies for maximizing these points through a straightforward challenge in the battle royale mode.

The Simple Challenge: Playing and Surviving in Warzone

Challenge Overview

  • Task: “Play and survive in Warzone to earn more victory challenge points.”
  • Objective: This challenge focuses on player survival time and performance in Warzone.


  • Earning armory points through this challenge unlocks various resources like weapons, field upgrades, spare parts, and killstreaks.

Armory Challenges and Controversies

Past Controversies

  • Previously, accessing additional point tasks required completing three daily challenges.
  • This policy was altered in the November 21 update by Sledgehammer Games, making the task available at all times.

New Additions to Armory

Newly Added Elements

  • Killstreaks: The Swarm from Black Ops II and CoD: Mobile, and the EMP, are now redeemable.
  • Assassin Vest: This item, along with the new killstreaks, share the same redemption value of eight armory points.

Strategy for Earning Armory Points

Battle Royale and Resurgence Mode

  • Focus on playing both Battle Royale and Resurgence modes in Warzone.
  • The effectiveness of the challenge for armory point accumulation is a key area to leverage.

Potential Adjustments

  • Be aware that the effectiveness of this challenge might be adjusted in upcoming updates, either in the near future or in the days to come.

Leveraging Warzone Challenges

Seize the opportunity provided by the current challenge in Warzone to accumulate a significant number of armory points. Keep an eye on updates for any adjustments to the challenge’s effectiveness, and utilize these points to unlock valuable resources to enhance your gameplay experience in Modern Warfare III and Warzone.