The Passion for Esports of Max Verstappen: Favorite Video Games, Rivals, and All You Need to Know

The Passion for Esports of Max Verstappen: Favorite Video Games, Rivals, and All You Need to Know

9. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Max Verstappen, renowned for his three Formula 1 World Champion titles, has also made a name for himself in the digital world of FIFA (now EA Sports FC). His dedication to esports is as intense as his passion for racing.

In 2018, Verstappen ranked 31st worldwide in FIFA Ultimate Team mode, an impressive feat for someone who also invests significant time in high-octane racing on the track. The following year, he climbed even higher, reaching 21st place globally, showcasing his growing skills in gaming.

Verstappen’s FIFA Passion

Verstappen’s passion for FIFA was evident during the 2021 U.S. Grand Prix in Austin, Texas. Red Bull team principal Christian Horner revealed that Verstappen had spent a significant portion of his weekend, approximately 14 hours, immersed in FIFA. This gaming marathon didn’t hinder his focus on racing, as he clinched victory in Austin over Lewis Hamilton.

Verstappen’s gaming prowess extends beyond solo play. He comfortably defeated fellow F1 driver Lando Norris in a three-match FIFA series during the 2020 season. Additionally, he came close to beating Dutch FIFA pentacampeon Koen Weijland in a friendly digital match in late 2023.

Insights from Fellow Drivers

During an interview with YouTube channel MotorMouth, Williams driver Alex Albon emphasized Verstappen’s composure and relaxation before each race. He also revealed that Verstappen often opens FIFA Ultimate Team packs before qualifying sessions.

According to Insider, Verstappen’s FUT username is Crgboy007, and between 2018 and 2020, he achieved excellent results in FIFA. In FIFA 19, he ranked 21st globally. Moreover, in FIFA 18, he reached 61st and 31st in July and August, respectively.

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Partnership with EA Sports

Electronic Arts, known as EA, confirmed a collaboration with two-time F1 World Champion Max Verstappen. As part of the agreement, the Oracle Red Bull Racing driver will collaborate with EA Sports to create content for the company’s portfolio. Additionally, in the 2023 season, EA Sports’ logo will appear on the front of his helmet.

“Andrea Hopelain, Senior Vice President of EA Sports & Racing Brand, stated, “Max is a fierce competitor and a true champion who shares a deep love for gaming and playing. As he continues his journey in Formula 1, we are excited to collaborate with one of the world’s top athletes to unite more fans through our experiences at EA Sports.”

Rivalry with Checo Pérez in FIFA

“Checo is actually quite good at FIFA. If we play together, he keeps up,” replied the Dutchman.


Max Verstappen’s passion for esports, particularly FIFA, demonstrates his multifaceted talent beyond the racetrack. His dedication and success in both worlds solidify his status as a true competitor and champion. As he continues to excel in Formula 1 and gaming, fans eagerly anticipate his future achievements.