Mauga: The New Tank on the Block in Overwatch 2

Mauga: The New Tank on the Block in Overwatch 2

7. November 2023 by Never

Overwatch 2 has been delivering exciting updates consistently, and the latest buzz is all about the new addition to its roster: Mauga. This towering and tumultuous new tank hero is set to dominate the battlefield with his incendiary and volatile chain cannons. Gear up as we delve into the mechanics and strategies of wielding Mauga in your next Overwatch 2 session, and seize the opportunity to test him out before he officially joins Season 8.

Mauga’s Explosive Arsenal: A Deep Dive

Mauga’s arsenal is tailored for frontline devastation and close-quarter combat elimination. He wields dual chain cannons, “Lleta” and “Metra,” which can be fired independently or simultaneously, scorching enemies with fiery barrages. The incendiary might of Lleta complements Metra’s volatile bursts, delivering critical hits that can seal the fate of his adversaries.

Berserker, Mauga’s passive ability, is a game-changer. It bestows temporary health when landing critical damage, transforming Mauga into a true behemoth amidst the chaos of battle.


Team Dynamics and Mauga’s Supportive Skills

Beyond his starring role in the fray, Mauga’s skill set also encompasses team support. His “Charge” ability is a mass-control-immune rush that culminates in a stomp capable of repelling foes. For dire moments, “Cardiac Overstimulation” kicks in, activating his twin hearts to generate a damage-reducing aura and enabling allies to heal through dealt damage.

Ultimate Showdown with “Cage Fight”

When it’s time to slow-dance with the enemy, Mauga unleashes his ultimate, “Cage Fight.” This ability entraps foes in a cylindrical ring, isolating them from external healing and damage, forcing a confrontation against Mauga’s relentless ammunition.

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Mauga’s Weekend Debut in Overwatch 2

Seize the weekend to pilot Mauga across all platforms in a temporary trial. No additional downloads are required; he’s ready to roll as a tank hero in all modes, excluding competitive play.

After the trial, Mauga will officially launch with Season 8 on December 5. Unlock him instantly with the Season 8 Premium Battle Pass or reach level 45 on the standard pass.

Hurry, as this disruptor won’t linger for long. Log in and try out Mauga before November 5th. Check out the released videos for a sneak peek of Mauga in action.

The Formidable New Tank in Overwatch 2

Don’t miss the chance to master Mauga’s potential. His balance of offensive firepower and defensive prowess makes him a formidable force. Ensure you’re part of the action this weekend and get ahead by familiarizing yourself with Mauga’s capabilities.