Masters Shanghai 2024: G2 and FPX Victorious on Day 1

Masters Shanghai 2024: G2 and FPX Victorious on Day 1

24. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The first day of the Masters Shanghai 2024 has concluded, bringing intense action and exciting results in the Swiss Stage of the tournament.

Day 1 Highlights

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G2 Esports vs. T1

G2 Esports kicked off the tournament with a thrilling series against T1. The North American team secured a victory on Breeze, T1’s map pick, with a score of 13-8, thanks to Leaf’s outstanding performance, who racked up 28 kills with Cypher.

However, T1 bounced back with a dominant 13-1 win on Icebox, tying the series. The decisive match on Lotus saw G2 Esports overcome a 9-3 deficit, ultimately winning 14-12 in overtime, advancing with a 2-1 series win.


FunPlus Phoenix vs. FUT Esports

Following G2’s victory, FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) faced FUT Esports. FPX started strong, winning Sunset 13-7. FUT Esports responded with a 14-12 victory on Lotus, pushing the series to a third map. On Icebox, FPX secured a 13-10 win, concluding the series 2-1 and advancing to the winner’s bracket.


Tournament Overview

The Masters Shanghai 2024 has attracted immense attention from the international Valorant community. Set in the vibrant city of Shanghai, the tournament features the world’s top 12 teams. Latin American fans eagerly await Leviatan’s debut, representing the third seed from VCT Americas, set to face Gen.G on Friday.

Upcoming Matches

With G2 and FPX moving forward in the winner’s bracket, the competition remains fierce. Leviatan’s debut against Gen.G is highly anticipated, promising more thrilling action. Fans can follow all the matches live on Valorant Esports.



Day 1 of the Masters Shanghai 2024 showcased the high level of competition expected from this prestigious event. G2 Esports and FPX have set the tone, and as the tournament progresses, the stakes will only get higher. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting matches in the days to come.

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