Massive changes in Evil Geniuses’ League of Legends line-up?

Massive changes in Evil Geniuses’ League of Legends line-up?

23. April 2023 by Andrew Williams

Recently, the Evil Geniuses tweeted something that has been eagerly discussed by many fans. The organization announced that they would be making some big changes to the lineup for Summer Split 2023 – and apparently, the changes are really massive.

At the moment, there are several rumors that the Evil Geniuses are going to revamp their League of Legends lineup in a big way, parting with all but one player. However, these rumors have not been officially confirmed yet, so everything is pure speculation.

Will EG fire four of its top players?

According to reports, Evil Geniuses wants to fire four top players, basically completely rebuilding its League of Legends lineup. This decision doesn’t come out of nowhere. Evil Geniuses were insanely successful last year, but this year they are struggling.

They did particularly poorly in the spring split. They finished the regular season in fifth place and fell in the playoffs to the Golden Guardians, who are actually nowhere near as good as EG.

Who all has to go?

The four players the Evil Geniuses are reportedly willing to part with are Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho, Kacper “Inspired” Słoma, Victor “FBI” Huang and Philippe “Vulcan” Laflamme. If true, that would leave only one player remaining, Joseph “jojopyun” Pyun. This would fit in so far as the player has signed a contract until the end of 2024. There are other rumors, namely that EG has a bombastic budget for this year’s summer split and could possibly use it to get several superstars in the lineup.

Top players on the free market

If these four players are kicked off their team, they should have no problem finding a new one quickly, as they bring plenty of experience and talent. Especially with the Worlds coming up this year in South Korea, many organizations in the League of Legends scene are certainly looking for good players for their lineup. Given that, the four agents on the market certainly wouldn’t be at home without them for long.

This new lineup alignment is not a new development among LCS teams, after old organizations like TSM reportedly spent very little on their latest lineup for this year. Also, the league recently said goodbye to Counter Logic Gaming after the team closed all of its divisions and sold its franchise spot to NRG. At the moment there is no further information from the Evil Geniuses about who will have to leave the lineup and who will come instead, but we might well find out more in the coming days.