Mason Joins the 10K MMR Club in Under 900 Games

Mason Joins the 10K MMR Club in Under 900 Games

29. March 2024 by Never

On March 28th, Mason “mason” Venne, a former Dota 2 professional turned Twitch streamer, accomplished a remarkable feat by attaining a 10K MMR rating in fewer than nine hundred games.

Despite facing a latency disadvantage while playing in the European Dota 2 region, with an average of 138 ms, Mason demonstrated exceptional skill and determination to reach this milestone.

Taking Shots at Fellow Streamers

Following his achievement, Mason didn’t hesitate to take playful jabs at fellow Dota 2 streamers. He teased Max “qojqva” Bröcker for not yet reaching the 10K MMR milestone, despite qojqva currently holding more than 11K MMR. Additionally, Mason compared his accomplishment to that of Brian “BSJ” Canavan, highlighting that he achieved 10K MMR in significantly fewer games than BSJ.

Mason’s Journey to 10K MMR

Mason’s journey to 10K MMR hasn’t been without its challenges. After receiving a ban on his main account and starting anew, Mason calibrated his new account into the 8K MMR bracket. Despite the setback, he persevered and reached the coveted 10K MMR mark on March 27th. Notably, he achieved this milestone while playing on European servers with considerable latency.

Confidence and Ambition

Unsurprisingly, Mason exuded confidence and ambition after reaching 10K MMR. He expressed his determination to continue climbing the ranks, asserting that he would soon reach 11K MMR and beyond. Additionally, Mason emphasized his desire to elevate North American Dota 2 in the streaming realm, positioning himself as a leading figure in the community.

Looking Ahead

As Mason sets his sights on further achievements in Dota 2, his journey serves as inspiration to aspiring players and streamers alike. With his combination of skill, determination, and charismatic personality, Mason continues to make waves in the Dota 2 community.

Mason’s Journey: A Testament to Skill and Dedication in the Esports Realm

Mason’s ascent to the 10K MMR club in under 900 games is a testament to his skill and dedication. As he aims for even greater heights, his journey serves as a reminder of the potential for success through perseverance and resilience in the competitive world of esports.