Marvel Rivals Developers Apologize for Unpleasant Experiences Caused by Influencer Contracts

Marvel Rivals Developers Apologize for Unpleasant Experiences Caused by Influencer Contracts

13. May 2024 by Never

The developers of Marvel Rivals, a hero shooter featuring Marvel characters, have faced criticism due to their influencer contracts, which restricted negative reviews of the game.

Disclosure of Restrictive Clauses

Influencer contracts distributed before the game’s release contained clauses prohibiting “subjective negative reviews” of Marvel Rivals. Overwatch streamer Seagull exposed these terms during a stream, confirming their authenticity and sparking widespread backlash.

Seagull: Extremely disappointed in Marvel Rivals. Multiple creators asked for key codes to gain access to the playtest and are asked to sign a contract. The contract signs away your right to negatively review the game. Many streamers have signed without reading just to play.
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Developer Response and Apology

NetEase, the developer of Marvel Rivals, has since retracted these restrictive terms and issued apologies through statements to various publications and a public Discord announcement.

Explanation of Contract Misunderstanding

NetEase described the initial contract as a “draft version” intended for long-term partnerships with content creators interested in Marvel Rivals. They acknowledged the inappropriate and misleading nature of the terms upon receiving feedback from involved creators.

Reactions from Influencers and Fans

The controversy led prominent influencers like Seagull to publicly denounce Marvel Rivals and pledge not to play the game again due to the initial contract terms.

Other streamers and fans have also voiced opposition to these restrictive clauses, indicating broader support for content creators’ freedom to express genuine opinions about games.

Future of Marvel Rivals

Looking ahead, NetEase has committed to revising the terms of their influencer contracts. However, the damage caused by the initial controversy may have already impacted the game’s reputation.

Despite this setback, the strength of Marvel Rivals’ gameplay and its popular IP may still propel it into the mainstream of the genre, especially upon its full release later this year.

Seagull reads Marvel Rivals’ terms & conditions
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Marvel Rivals’ Closed Alpha Test: Navigating Controversy and Community Perception

As Marvel Rivals continues its closed alpha test until May 21, the outcome of this controversy and its implications for the game’s reception remain to be seen. The developer’s efforts to address the fallout from the influencer contracts will likely shape the future perception and adoption of Marvel Rivals within the gaming community.