Many LoL players were waiting for the change to the surrender system

Many LoL players were waiting for the change to the surrender system

16. August 2023 by miranda angeles

Undoubtedly, one of the most awaited changes by many LoL players was the surrender system. Riot Games wants to improve the game mechanics and reduce the toxicity in the games.

One of the main problems of League of Legends and online multiplayer games is the toxic environment that can be created between players. An environment that, instead of reducing over time, is becoming more and more frequent. That is why the developers of the different video games must do their part to make changes so that the game experiences are much more positive. We will talk about the adjustments coming to LoL servers on this occasion.

What is surrender, and why should it be practiced?

Surrender might sound “Chinese” if you are unfamiliar with Riot Games’ MOBA. However, it is not strange at all. The developers used this method years ago to eliminate toxicity in some matches. We can call for surrender if a match ends too early due to team disputes if someone disconnects or trolls during a map, or if the map doesn’t load initially.

Unsurprisingly, however, the community quickly discovered that an open door was toxic, and technology was made specifically to prevent it. If you’ve been playing for a while, you’ve probably come across a player who keeps giving up even when you win in League of Legends. A player who wants to quit Summoner’s Rift and probably isn’t playing at their best, even when their side is winning. It won’t be uncommon to see a surrender notification every three minutes, as he won’t be able to go AFK mode due to the punishment he will incur.

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Changes coming to LoL

Although we are still waiting for patch 13.16, we can see that changes have already been implemented in the PBE. Specifically, we are talking about the change in the surrender included in the game, intending to end this toxic situation.

This change in the LoL surrender voting system has three key points. First, we will no longer be able to know who initiated the surrender vote in the game.

Also, this is not the only change Riot Games has prepared to improve the game experience. If before we could try to surrender every three minutes, now the one who initiates the vote will have to wait twice as long. Six minutes. That said, the rest of the team members will still be able to launch the surrender in three minutes.

Finally, when someone initiates the surrender, the text message in the LoL chat will receive adjustments, indicating whether the vote is due to an AFK, a Remake, or a traditional surrender. We’ll have to wait and see if this new mechanic helps combat the growing toxicity in Riot Games’ flagship game.