Major Leak Reveals Details About Nintendo Switch 2: Controllers, Retrocompatibility, and More

Major Leak Reveals Details About Nintendo Switch 2: Controllers, Retrocompatibility, and More

29. April 2024 by Never

The details come from MobaPAD, a brand known for launching controllers for gaming consoles like these “Pro” Joy-Con with anti-drift. On the Chinese portal Bilibili,

The company has shared information about the new console, confirming retrocompatibility with physical Switch games, emphasizing the magnetic system, and highlighting the presence of new buttons on the controllers. Let’s dive into all the details below

Retrocompatibility with Games and Hardware

  • The new Nintendo Switch is compatible with the current console’s Joy-Con and Pro Controller, supporting HD Rumble available in the current generation.
  • Nintendo Switch 2 is retrocompatible with Nintendo Switch games, also in physical format. Its slot allows you to insert current cartridges, although Switch 2 game cartridges are not compatible with the current Switch.


New Controllers with Additional Buttons

  • The new Joy-Cons are larger and replace the sliding rail structure with an electromagnetic coupling system. The SL and SR buttons are metallic to facilitate attachment.
  • The controllers are horizontally attached and secured without sliding due to this new system.
  • An additional button has been added in the L and ZL or R and ZR area on each Joy-Con. This means there will be a total of two new buttons when both Joy-Cons are attached to form a complete controller.
  • The right Joy-Con of Switch 2 has an additional function button located below the HOME button.

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New Dock

  • The new generation Switch still features a USB-C port on its underside for connection to the new Dock.
  • The Dock for the new Switch looks similar to the current one, with rounded edges on one side, and outputs video signal at 4K resolution.

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Rumors Surrounding Switch 2: Details on Screen Size, Support, and Additional Features

  • The rear support for playing in Tabletop Mode is metallic and has slight cushioning, with a wider range of adjustment for the tilt angle.
  • The screen of Switch 2 is 8 inches in size with a 1080p resolution.

It goes without saying that this information is not official and should be taken as a rumor.

However, multiple sources have emphasized these details, and the presence of additional buttons is gaining credibility. We’ll have to wait for Nintendo’s official announcement to finally unveil the secret of the Switch 2