Major Copenhagen: All Teams Heading to the RMR

Major Copenhagen: All Teams Heading to the RMR

24. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

As the esports world gears up for the Counter-Strike 2 Major in Copenhagen, teams from around the globe are preparing to battle it out in the Regional Major Rankings (RMR) tournaments. With BESTIA securing its spot, we take a look at all the teams set to participate in the RMRs, leading up to the much-anticipated Major in Copenhagen.

The Pinnacle of Counter-Strike 2 Competition

This year’s Counter-Strike 2 competitive scene is divided into two pinnacle tournaments. The first leg will be hosted in Copenhagen, Denmark, from March 17 to 31, while the second Major of 2024 is scheduled in Shanghai, China, as announced by Perfect World at the CS Asia Championship.

CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024


The Journey Through Closed Qualifiers

Recently, teams across regions clashed in the Closed Qualifiers, each vying for a chance to advance to the next stage. Here, we break down the teams that have successfully made it to the RMRs, each seeking a spot at the Copenhagen Major.

Teams and Dates for Each RMR

  • Europe A (Feb 14-17):
    • FaZe Clan,, Natus Vincere, G2 Esports, Eternal Fire, Amkal Esports, BetBoom Team, 3DMAX, 9pandas, SAW, Movistar KOI, Into The Breach, Ninjas in Pyjamas, ex-ThunderFlash, Fnatic, Team Falcons.
  • Europe B (Feb 19-22):
    • Team Vitality, Monte, MOUZ, Team Spirit, Cloud9, Astralis, Apeks, Preasy Esports, GamerLegion, Guild Eagles, ENCE, Ecstatic, Pera Esports, Team Heroic, OG, Nexus Gaming.
  • Asia-Pacific (Feb 26-28):
    • Grayhound Gaming, Lynn Vision Gaming, TYLOO, The MongolZ, ATOX Esports, Troublemakers, TBD, TBD.
  • Americas (Mar 1-4):
    • FURIA, Complexity Gaming, MIBR, M80, paiN Gaming, RED Canids, BESTIA, Imperial Esports, Nouns Esports, Badass Gaming, ODDIK, BOSS, Legacy, Wildcard Gaming, Rocket, Team Liquid.

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What Lies Ahead in the RMRs

These RMR events will be crucial in determining the 24 teams that will compete in the Danish Major starting March 17. Notably, except for the Asia-Pacific region, all RMRs will employ a Swiss format to decide the qualifiers. Furthermore, the number of qualifying spots varies by region.

Road to Copenhagen: A Glimpse into the Counter-Strike 2 Championship

The RMRs are more than just qualifiers; they are a battleground where strategies are tested, rivalries are formed, and dreams of competing in the Copenhagen Major are realized. As teams from various regions bring their unique playstyles to the fore, the RMRs promise to be a thrilling prelude to the grand event in Denmark.