Major Copenhagen: Start Dates for All RMRs

Major Copenhagen: Start Dates for All RMRs

14. February 2024 by Never

The Major in Copenhagen is approaching, and it’s time to compete in the RMRs of each region to determine the 24 qualifiers for the tournament.

The most important international event in Counter-Strike 2 will arrive in March, although the participants are yet to be defined. This Tuesday, at CodigoEsports, we bring you the dates for the start of the RMRs heading towards the Major in Copenhagen. The action will kick off on February 14th with the matches of RMR Europe A, and here are all the details.

Major Copenhagen: RMR Start Dates for CS2 Qualifiers

Throughout history, Counter-Strike undeniably earned its place in the Olympus of esports. The shooter not only delivered several of the most memorable moments but also stood the test of time.

As we all know, the most prestigious tournament in this discipline is the Major, and soon CS2 will have its first competition of this kind. However, before reaching the Major in Copenhagen, the RMRs of each region will be played. If you’re not familiar with the qualification system, it basically involves a regional competition to determine the participants of the main event.

Teams and Start Dates for Each RMR

Europe A (February 14th to February 17th)


Europe B (February 19th to February 22nd)


Asia-Pacific (February 26th to February 28th)


Americas (March 1st to March 4th)

america rm

Regional Major Rankings (RMR) Overview

Similar to several previous editions, the RMRs will be contested in Europe, Americas, and Asia Pacific. Among these four regions, a total of 24 slots will be awarded, divided into 3 Status categories (Contenders, Challengers, and Legends).

It’s worth noting that Europe has two RMRs (and consequently more slots for the Major) due to its dominance in the competition over the years. Below are the start dates for each of the qualifiers.