M80’s CEO asks for The Guard to be replaced at VCT Americas

M80’s CEO asks for The Guard to be replaced at VCT Americas

30. August 2023 by miranda angeles

Yesterday, M80 CEO Marco Mereu asked on social networks for a meeting with Riot Games’ head of VALORANT esports, Leo Faria. In Mereu’s message, he requested a meeting to ask for The Guard to be replaced in the VCT Americas.

This request by Mereu came after Riot Games published on August 29 that The Guard would not be joining in the 2024 season. According to Riot Games’ information, the team failed to submit the documentation by the deadline.

After Riot Games informed that this team would not be present, community members suggested that Guard players could play. In addition, other people suggested that another team be incorporated into the league.

On the other hand, Riot Games has informed us that the league will not grow due to what happened with The Guard. Instead, the league will continue with a 10-team competition in 2024.

After seeing the current scenario of the VALORANT league, many people in the community wonder if M80, the runner-up of America’s Ascension, could replace The Guard. Although Riot Games has not commented on the matter, M80’s CEO has not missed the opportunity to ask for a meeting with Leo Faria.

M80 CEO asks for a meeting with Riot Games executives

After seeing what is happening at the VCT Americas, M80’s CEO has publicly requested a meeting with Riot Games to discuss the situation of The Guard. In Mereu’s request published on Twitter, Leo Faria was specifically mentioned. On the other hand, in Mereu’s statement, Mereu commented that perhaps they can find a creative solution to the league issue.

Mereu commented as follows:

“I can travel to Los Angeles to meet with Leo Faria and the League’s directors to make my point of view as to why M80 is the best option to move up to VCT Americas.”

On the other hand, Mereu also promises to work with The Gaurd players and coaches to make them part of M80 or any other team they want to sign with. In addition, Mereu comments that he is willing to play a playoff game if necessary to fill The Guard’s spot in the league.

M80 Performance

The M80 squad performed excellently during the season, winning the Mid-Season Face-Off and posting a 4-1 record in the first North American Challengers League Split. Then they finished with the same 4-1 record in the second Split and took first place in the zone. M80 had to face The Guard in the grand final to determine which team would advance. However, The Guard took the lead and won the Ascension final.