M80 to compete with ‘world class’ team in CS2

M80 to compete with ‘world class’ team in CS2

16. June 2023 by Andrew Williams

The North American esports organisation M80 has announced that they have hired a new vice president, namely Donald “SyykoNT” Muir. He aims to help the organisation gain a foothold in CS2 with a world-class team. SyykonNT was previously employed by the Sentinels as a coach.

M80 has not been around that long and accordingly the organisation is still quite small. M80 has teams in VALORANT, Rainbow Six: Siege and Rocket League. But that is about to change! With the hiring of SyykoNT, M80 is looking to expand into other competitive titles and take the wins there. The team is aiming high.

M80 wants to dominate CS2

SyykoNT’s duties as M80’s Vice President of Esports will mainly revolve around supporting the current lineups to maintain their status as competitive teams. This will mainly involve the VALORANT team, which will be competing for a spot in the VCT Americas at the Ascension tournament. M80 has also announced its entry into CS:GO and CS2 respectively.

“In addition to supporting these existing lineups, I have my sights set on Counter-Strike 2 and plan to build a world-class team,” SyykoNT said.

It seems the vice president’s ambitious plans are not just empty words – SyykoNT’s mission to build the next great Counter-Strike team is also apparently well underway. SyykoNT asked fans to mark their “favourite CS players” who could be part of M80’s new lineup in a tweet yesterday, Thursday 15 June. It will remain exciting to see which players are suggested and which of them may actually end up appearing in M80’s new CS2 lineup.

The lineups of M80

The VALORANT lineup of M80 consists of the former core of Ghost Gaming. As of now, however, it is unclear which region M80 will prioritise when building its CS2 team. The organisation’s VALORANT and Rocket League teams are made up of North American players, while the Rainbow Six: Siege team is made up of a Brazilian-American-Swedish lineup.

CS2 is likely to be released sometime this summer, but there is no exact date yet. The Counter-Strike player break will last until 9 July. The BLAST Premier Fall Groups and IEM Cologne 2023 are the first two elite tournaments of the new season. Apart from M80, TSM was the only notable organisation in North America to possibly switch to CS2 with a new team, but there is no further information on this, which is not surprising after it became known a few months ago that TSM is in big financial trouble and needs to save money first.