The M80 Overwatch Team Dissolves (temporarily) Amid Apparent Racist Comments

The M80 Overwatch Team Dissolves (temporarily) Amid Apparent Racist Comments

10. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In a swift response to allegations of racist language, M80 Esports has parted ways with one of its Overwatch players, Samuel “s9mm” Santos, just a day after announcing the acquisition of its competitive Overwatch 2 roster.

Allegations and Organization’s Response

Screenshots allegedly showing s9mm and other former Overwatch League pros using racial slurs repeatedly in a Discord group chat surfaced online, prompting M80 Esports to take action. CEO Marco Mereu confirmed the authenticity of the screenshots to Dot Esports and stated that the organization had no choice but to release the player in light of the evidence.

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Statement from M80 Esports

M80 Esports cited “unexpected challenges” within the squad, making it impossible to build a cohesive unit as originally planned. The organization emphasized its commitment to maintaining a positive and inclusive environment and expressed regret over the situation.

Instead of replacing the team with players committed elsewhere, M80 Esports decided to part ways with s9mm for the benefit of all parties involved.

Impact on M80 Squad and Competitive Scene

The departure of s9mm came at a crucial time for the rest of the M80 squad, who had recently formed a new team, “LFO,” with other players. The incident highlights the importance of accountability and responsible behavior within the competitive gaming community.

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Allegations and Response from Viewer

The screenshots were shared publicly by user @viewerOW on X (formerly Twitter), who claimed to have received them from a “burner account.” Viewer alleges that the images were taken by French Overwatch World Cup players and that s9mm admitted to using the inappropriate language when contacted.



Organization’s Denial and Response

Mereu denied claims that an employee of M80 had contacted Viewer and threatened them not to share the screenshots. He clarified that if anyone contacted Viewer on behalf of the players, they were not associated with M80. The organization remains committed to transparency and addressing issues promptly.


M80’s Return to Competitive Overwatch

M80 Esports is among the organizations re-entering the competitive Overwatch scene following the dissolution of the Overwatch League. Mereu previously expressed optimism about the organization’s decision to enter competitive Overwatch, considering it a “low risk bet” in the current landscape.