LS streamer hospitalized in “critical” condition

LS streamer hospitalized in “critical” condition

15. June 2023 by miranda angeles

News recently broke that Nick “LS” De Cesare has been hospitalized in “critical” condition after streaming while ill.

LS streamer hospitalized in “critical” condition

LS has been in charge of announcing that he has been hospitalized for being in a “critical” state of health. This happened after the streamer broadcasted the LCK and LPL premiere week while he was sick for days.

Undoubtedly, LS has been a benchmark among League of Legends streamers; generally, the LoL fan community trusts LS to stream the best leagues. LoL, fans know LS is known for streaming, especially during the first weeks of each season. The streamer is so committed to his community that he does his broadcasts even when he is sick. This can have serious health consequences.

At the beginning of the season, just in the opening week of the LCK, the streamer was ill but decided to continue his broadcasts. During one of the broadcasts on the last day of the first week, LS revealed that he had a fever. The streamer was giving daily updates on his health to his followers. However, he recently reported that he had been hospitalized and, as a result, missed the first match of the LCS.

LS reports his health status

LS has published on his Twitter account, informing all his followers that he will not be active in the broadcasts as planned. The streamer informs that he is in the emergency room; also, the doctors are labeling his health condition as critical, so they perform many tests. To close the tweet, he wishes everyone a good time at the start of the LCS season.

Days after he tweeted that he could not stream LCK and LCS due to his deteriorating health, LS was admitted to the hospital for almost a week.

In his tweet, the streamer tells his followers about each of the symptoms he is experiencing; LS has even described some severe symptoms such as nosebleeds, fever, persistent cough, and breathing difficulties.

At the time, LS commented that he had already been to the hospital four times. He further reported that the doctors were very confused by his health status as all his X-rays and other test results were completely normal.

At the moment, LS has not informed his fans of an estimated time when he might be healthy again, let alone when he returns to his broadcasts. However, LS is committed to all his fans to keep them informed about his health condition as often as he can.