LOUD defeats Karmine Corp at VCT LOCK//IN

LOUD defeats Karmine Corp at VCT LOCK//IN

18. February 2023 by Andrew Williams

LOUD defeated Karmine Corp at VCT LOCK//IN and will have to face NRG next. NRG also dominated the match by beating Giants Gaming. Brazilian team LOUD won already sent one of the most well known teams of the VALORANT community home by winning 2:0 against Karmine Corp, who were sent home early.

LOUD vs. Karmine Corp

The match started on Pearl and LOUD won the first four rounds. Pearl started of badly for Karmine Corp who couldn’t keep their opponents from brazil from planting, even if they won a round. Not a good sign to start the match of with. LOUD had a big lead, but Karmine Corp was far from giving up and was able to rally. The second half of Pearl went better for Karmine Corp as they won the pistol round to get closer to LOUD. But LOUD had better interplay and won Pearl 13-10. For the second map, it was onto Split and LOUD’s Erick “aspas” Santos earned an 11:6 on LOUD’s attack.

It seems like defense was the problem for KC as they once again didn’t get into the match. Their money was in bad shape all the time and an 8:4 lead for LOUD already spelled desaster. When they switched sides they briefly got back on track, but their resurgence didn’t last long. After LOUD caught their breath and took some time to build money they were the ones in control again. After that, it was all downhill for Karmine Corp and LOUD secured the 13-8 win on split.

NRG topple Giants Gaming

The game started on Lotus and NRG looked lost on defense while Giants Gaming dominated. NRG started strong on the offensive side but the Giants were able to extend their lead to 12-8. NRG kept at it and ended a four-run run that sent the map into overtime. Ultimately, they were able to win 14-12 on Lotus. On Haven, NRG won the first half-pistol round of the tournament, posting a dominant 11-1 score.

Eventually, they were able to win the game quickly by a clear 13-1 score. After that, it was on to Icebox. On defense, NRG took advantage of the Giants’ lack of aggressiveness and later took a 12-3 lead. The Giants fought on valiantly, but ultimately NRG crossed the finish line with a 13-7 win. Although NRG lost their Mappick Lotus in overtime, they still managed to get a decisive result and keep North America’s winning streak alive at the LOCK//IN.