LoL’s Nexus Blitz Returns: What’s New in Patch 13.21

LoL’s Nexus Blitz Returns: What’s New in Patch 13.21

25. October 2023 by Never

The gaming community is buzzing with excitement as League of Legends (LoL) announces the return of one of its most cherished game modes: Nexus Blitz. Making its comeback in patch 13.21, Nexus Blitz brings with it several tweaks and updates, ensuring players get a refreshed and enhanced experience. Let’s delve deep into what awaits us.

The Anticipation: A Quick Recap

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s acknowledge the sheer anticipation for this return. After an absence spanning over two years, Riot Games has finally listened to the echoing demands of its player base, confirming Nexus Blitz’s comeback in the latest patch notes. Last seen in version 11.11 released in May 2021, this mode left a mark, and its return has been highly awaited.

Modifications to Nexus Blitz

Event Appearances

One of the aspects Riot Games emphasized is ensuring fairness in event appearances. These will always be neutral or in favor of the lagging team:

  • Teemo the Loot
  • Veigar the Loot
  • All variants of Bard Royale
  • King of the Hill
  • DPS Race

Also, a minor fix ensures cooldowns are correctly reset at the start and end of the Prize Fight and URF Battle events.

Item Adjustments

To balance gameplay and strategy, several items have undergone adjustments:

  • Lifesaver Active: Cooldown reduced from 120s to 60s.
  • Spectral Saber Active: Cooldown reduced from 60s to 45s.
  • Stimulating Reliquary: After ability use, restores 3.8% of Missing Health and 3% of Missing Mana for 3 seconds.

Jungle Companions

Jungle companion progression has seen an overhaul:

  • Upgradation Stacks needed: Reduced to 10 for phase 2 and 20 for phase 3.
  • No additional rewards for fully leveling up a companion.

Champion Updates

Several champions have undergone changes:

  • Akshan: During ring of fire events, vanquishing ruffians revives allies at 30% of their Max Health where they fell.
  • Bel’Veth: Enemy jungle guardians now drop Enhanced Void Corals.
  • Ivern: No longer has the “Friends of the Forest” passive. He can now engage with jungle camps and take damage from them.

Jungle Monsters

With the introduction of jungle companions, jungle camps have received a health boost per level to balance damage increments.

The countdown has begun! Nexus Blitz is all set to make its grand return on October 25 with the release of patch 13.21. The plethora of changes promises to make the game mode even more thrilling. For a comprehensive view of all the updates, check out the official patch notes. Till then, gear up and immerse yourself in the frenzy, for who knows when we might get another chance!