Worlds 2023: Players to Watch in the Championship

Worlds 2023: Players to Watch in the Championship

18. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

League of Legends World Championship is undeniably the grand spectacle of the gaming community. As the Swiss format commences, let’s spotlight some prodigious talents who are expected to shine brighter than the rest.

Top Lane – TheShy (Weibo Gaming)

IG TheShy 2018Worlds

TheShy, often celebrated as the unparalleled top laner in the game’s history, has his flair at its pinnacle. His innovative champion selections combined with his aggressive gameplay make him an unpredictable force. For Weibo Gaming to clinch a notable position, it’s imperative that TheShy exhibits his enchanting form, especially given his recent streaming spree.

Jungle – Elyoya (MAD Lions)

Elyoya Worlds 2022

Elyoya’s prowess in the jungle has consistently been a hot topic of debate. This championship serves as a litmus test for his caliber. With the potential emergence of playmaker champions like Lee Sin and Bel’Veth, the stakes for Elyoya have never been higher. To further spice things up, he’s at the brink of his contract’s conclusion, making his performance crucial for his subsequent career moves.

Mid Lane – Chovy (Gen.G)

chovy hanwha life esports worlds 2021 riot games

Chovy’s vast champion pool and impeccable laning phases make him a formidable mid-laner. Although recent international appearances have seen him falter occasionally, his LCK performances suggest a resurgence. Gen.G’s fortunes might heavily rely on Chovy’s shoulders, especially when they square off against powerhouses like JDG.

ADC – Gumayusi (T1)

T1 Gumayusi MSI 2023

In the bot lane, Gumayusi stands out as a luminary ADC. His adeptness with champions like Xayah, Jinx, and Lucian has yielded him numerous accolades. His impeccable farming skills coupled with strategic positioning make him an archetype for budding ADCs. With T1 facing a tumultuous summer, Gumayusi’s role is pivotal to reestablish their supremacy.

Support – MISSING (JD Gaming)

JD Missing MSI 2023

MISSING’s versatility sets him apart as a quintessential support. His ability to oscillate between initiators and enchanters, especially with champions like Rakan and Renataa Glasc, makes him unpredictable. JDG’s aspirations hinge significantly on MISSING’s capability to shield Ruler during intense face-offs.

Keep an Eye on This Legends!

These players not only exemplify their respective roles but also signify the potential game-changers in this year’s World Championship. Their performances could decisively tilt the scales in their team’s favor. As we embark on this month-long journey, these are the names that promise unparalleled excitement and sheer mastery.