Winter’s Favor Skins Set to Enchant League of Legends in Late 2023

Winter’s Favor Skins Set to Enchant League of Legends in Late 2023

21. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

League of Legends players are in for a treat as the Winter’s Favor skins make their much-anticipated return at the end of 2023. Following the earlier confirmation of Sylas and Thresh skins, Riot Games has now unveiled additional champions joining this frosty lineup.

New Additions to the Winter’s Favor Collection

  • Champions: Annie, Camille, Hecarim, Hwei, Lucian, and Senna.
  • Testing Phase: Available for preview on the 13.24 PBE server, marking the last patch of Season 13.

Skin Categories and Pricing

  • Epic Skins: Priced at 1350 RP, except for special editions.
  • Prestige Edition: Associated with Steel Shadow (100 Mythic Essences).
  • Legendary Edition: Redeemer Skin priced at 1820 RP.

The Lore Behind Winter’s Favor

  • Alternate Universe: Set in a winter-themed world where champions are either blessed or cursed.
  • Inception: Originated in late 2022, initially featuring Shaco, Swain, Warwick, Zilean, and Zoe.

Champion Highlights

  • Hwei: The new champion making a debut in Winter’s Favor.
  • Varied Intervals: Some champions like Hecarim received skins more recently than others.

Crystalis Motus: A Parallel Skin Line

  • New Entrants: Ashe joins Leona and Taliyah in the Crystalis Motus line, centered around crystal magic.
  • Mythic Category: Priced at 100 Mythic Essences.

Introduction to Winter’s Favor Skins

As the Winter’s Favor skins are set to bring a chill to the Rift, players should gear up to experience the magic and mystique of this beloved skin line. Whether you’re a fan of Hecarim’s arcane might or Hwei’s debut appearance, these skins promise to add an extra layer of excitement to your League of Legends esports experience.