LoL: TSM says goodbye to LCS

LoL: TSM says goodbye to LCS

23. September 2023 by miranda angeles

The mythical esports organization, TSM, says goodbye after eleven years in the top League of Legends category.

TSM says goodbye to the LCS

Esports are changing, as expected, given the current state of the world. This investment has plummeted year after year, in organizations, especially North American ones, have been investing a significant amount of money to create their teams and carry out their projects. On the other hand, the economic problems with the collapse of some banks or NFTs have caused many organizations to lose their main sponsors. Consequently, these same organizations have lost their main source of income, as is the case of TSM.

It can be said that TSM has been one of the most loved and supported organizations in the League of Legends scene for many years. Let’s remember that in the early years of the LCS, a “trio” of teams was formed to fight for all the titles. TSM, Cloud9, and CLG formed this trio of teams. However, of these three teams, only Cloud9 remains. TSM has said goodbye to the LCS, and their place in the league now belongs to Shopify Rebellion.

Eleven years at the top of LoL esports

If an organization could compete in the number of followers with SKT, Fnatic, and the like, that was Team Solomid, a squad captained by Reginald that has experienced its fair share of problems within the team but has been participating in esports since 2011. This team was present in the first World Cup in the history of LoL, along with Fnatic or CLG. However, this organization now takes a back seat and has fallen behind, especially in League of Legends esports.

As mentioned above, eleven years of history and seven continental titles, including an IEM S9 World Cup in which they beat Team WE, make TSM one of the most successful organizations in the entire North American region.

Over the years, this organization has seen some of the biggest stars in LoL. This team was fortunate to have some of the best players in history in its lineups. Among these players were both North American and from different regions of the world. Among these legendary players were:

  • Bjergsen, one of the team’s greatest legends
  • Dyrus
  • WiltTurtle
  • Yellowstar
  • Doublelift
  • Mithy
  • Zven
  • SwordArt
  • PowerOfEvil
  • Huni
  • Maple

End of TSM’s LoL team

TSM now says goodbye to the entire League of Legends community after “wasting” a lot of money on templates that did not help the team get out of trouble and prevented the team from recovering the important investment. At this moment, the LCS is acquiring a powerful organization, but without a doubt, it has lost an important piece in the history of esports.