LoL: tol2 leaves team house and accuses coaches of mistreatment

LoL: tol2 leaves team house and accuses coaches of mistreatment

9. July 2023 by miranda angeles

Recently, the LoL community has been shocked by the news that Haruki “tol2” Shibata, a DetonatioN FocusMe player, left the team house. After the player left the house, he accused the coaches of mistreatment.

tol2 leaves the DetonatioN FocusMe house

On his Twitter account, the team’s top laner, tol2, announced that he had left the team house due to alleged mistreatment by the coaches. The next day the news broke that the two coaches had been fired.

Tol2 reason for leaving the team’s house

According to information published by DetonatioN top laner FocusMe, the 20-year-old Tol2 has been verbally abused by the team’s coaches. Tol2 commented that this is not an isolated event but that the coaches’ mistreatment has been going on for a long time.

On the other hand, the player commented that head coach Kazuta “Kazu” Suzuki had threatened and belittled him to such an extent that tol2 thought his life was in danger. In turn, tol2 accused the team’s other coach Kyohei “Ceros” Yoshida, of verbally abusing the team’s players.

On the other hand, tol2 reported that on July 6, he was forced to leave the team house in response to Kazu’s threats. In the same message posted by the player, he states that he wants to play with his team, but they do not know what they will do with him when he returns to the team house. In turn, tol2 apologized to his fans and asked for help.

Then, tol2, in another post, commented that at one point, he sought help from a senior industry official about the culture of abuse of power. But DFM CEO Nobuyuki Umezaki discovered that tol2 was seeking help and threatened him. According to information revealed by tol2, Umezaki told him he would be kicked out of the Japanese LoL league if he told anyone what was happening. But that’s not all. According to tol2, Umezaki not only threatened him but also charged him a fine.

On the other hand, tol2 reported that he had been diagnosed with an adjustment disorder a few months ago.

DFM fires trainers Kazu and Ceros

After tol2 finally dared to tell publicly about all the abuses he had suffered from the trainers, DFM started an investigation into the alleged abuses. As a result of the investigation, both trainers have been fired, the organization said in an official statement.

In DFM’s statement, they say the two coaches made comments that could be taken as threats and insults. As a result, on July 7, Kazu and Ceros’ contract with the team ended.

On the other hand, the team declined to participate in the 9th round due to the circumstances they were going through.