The Top League of Legends Player Over the Last Five Years: Beyond Faker’s Legacy

The Top League of Legends Player Over the Last Five Years: Beyond Faker’s Legacy

14. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Is Faker Still on Top?

Faker MSI 2023

Faker’s accolades are undeniable, cementing him as the definitive GOAT in the League of Legends realm. However, with seven years since his last World Championship win, new contenders have emerged, challenging his supremacy.

Xiaohu: Mastery Across Roles

Xiaohu RNG 2022 Worlds

  • Achievements: Xiaohu’s excellence is not limited to one role. His capacity to clinch an international win in both the mid lane and top lane is a testament to his versatility. The record books are adorned with his name, highlighting three MSI championships, five LPL titles, and achieving 100 international wins, second only to Faker. This mechanical genius, with a veteran’s experience, brings an unparalleled dimension to every game he’s in.
  • Legacy & Consistency: A constant on the global stage, Xiaohu’s presence has been felt at almost every World Championship since 2016. His adaptability and resilience, even during turbulent seasons, show why he remains one of the game’s dominant forces. His leadership, game sense, and ability to steer his team under pressure underscore his significance in the global LoL community.

Scout: From Understudy to Star

Scout Worlds 2022

  • Journey & Triumphs: Once in Faker’s formidable shadow at SK Telecom, Scout’s journey to individual prominence is one of resilience and tenacity. His move to China was more than just a change of scenery—it was a transformative leap. The pinnacle of his ascent came when he lifted the Summoner’s Cup in 2021 with Edward Gaming, further solidifying his place among the elite with a World finals MVP honor.
  • Recent Success & Analysis: Scout’s trajectory in the LPL, notably his World Championship journey with LNG Esports, hints at more brilliance to come. His gameplay isn’t just about skill; it’s a blend of strategy, adaptability, and on-the-fly decision-making. He stands not just as one of the best in recent years but also as a significant influencer in how the game is played at the highest levels.

ShowMaker and Canyon: The Dynamic Duo

ShowMaker and Canyon Damwon Worlds 2022

  • Joint Achievements: Two names, when uttered together, send shivers down their opponents’ spines: ShowMaker and Canyon. Their list of achievements is both long and distinguished, making them an emblem of teamwork and synergy. Since 2019, their consistent presence at every World Championship, one win and two final appearances, is an eloquent testament to their joint prowess.
  • In-depth Analysis: Their gameplay intertwines perfectly, making it almost impossible to isolate one from the other. Their complementary styles, understanding of the game, and mutual trust form the backbone of their continued success. Any team facing them knows that addressing one invariably means confronting the other, presenting a strategic nightmare for opponents.

Ruler: The AD Colossus

JDG Ruler 2023 MSI

  • Historical Impact: The void left by Uzi was colossal, but Ruler rose, not just filling it but expanding it. His mechanical brilliance has made him the cornerstone of any team he’s part of. The 2017 World Championship win with Samsung Galaxy was just the beginning of a journey filled with astounding plays and game-defining moments.
  • Contemporary Dominance: With JD Gaming, Ruler has evolved into a terrifying force. His lane dominance, team fight initiations, and sheer consistency make him the benchmark for any aspiring AD player. His current trajectory with JD Gaming suggests that he might soon be part of an elite list of players to achieve a Grand Slam in League esports.

Who Deserves the Award?

Each of these players has carved their niche in the LoL landscape, challenging and, at times, overshadowing Faker’s monumental legacy. Their individual prowess, combined with their impact on their respective teams, sets them apart. As the debate continues, one thing is certain: the last five years have been a golden era of talent in League of Legends esports.