LoL: This may be the most toxic season of the game

LoL: This may be the most toxic season of the game

22. April 2023 by miranda angeles

Many League of Legends players say that the toxic behavior of other users is much more frequent than in previous years, so many wonders if this season will be the most toxic ever experienced in the game.

At the moment, LoL season 13 is about to reach the halfway point. Over the past few weeks, we have seen various comments about this season. Some comments are related to the changes introduced in the game. The fact that the bot lane is again important in practically every game makes shooters happy; however, for mages, it is quite the opposite. They are starting to be tired of their position in the game.

However, another issue is being discussed, worrying much of the LoL player community. Currently, it seems that the amount of toxic players has increased out of control; this is true, at least in the eyes of the users themselves.

The LoL community on Reddit corroborates this; some users claim that what is being experienced this season is unparalleled and has never been seen in previous years.

LoL users claim that they have never experienced such a toxic season in the game

In this current LoL season, entering a game and discovering any rudeness or inappropriate behavior in the chat is not uncommon. On the other hand, another type of behavior that has become frequent is that some players decide to participate or not in a game so that their opponents take the victory.

Players usually do not care about winning because they claim to have additional accounts to justify their actions.

According to a user on Reddit who recounts his experience, season 13 is living with excess toxicity. According to this user, he has been in many seasons in the game, but never before had he seen so many toxic players at once in the game as now. But on the other hand, he states that things in LoL are changing, not for the better but for, the worse.

This season has to be the worst for intentionally ruining games I’ve ever seen.
byu/aphilon inleagueoflegends

The problem of some players having multiple accounts is an issue that has been discussed for a long time. Many users comment that game developers should implement a system that imposes restrictions or perhaps an identification system, as in Korea. In this way, this annoying problem can be solved to some extent.

At the moment, Riot Games’ management has not commented on many complaints; it seems it is not in the plans to resolve this toxic behavior. However, game developers may consider improving these annoying situations if things continue this way.