LoL: The “Smurfs” problem could be solved in a short period

LoL: The “Smurfs” problem could be solved in a short period

13. April 2023 by miranda angeles

According to League of Legends developers, the problem of smurfs could be solved in no time.

Smurfs have long been a big problem for League of Legends players. This problem can be seen in matches when players encounter other very experienced users, which is a very frustrating experience.

For people who don’t know what “smurfs” are, they are accounts created by players who have been playing LoL for a long period and want to play at a lower rank. Consequently, players with that rank face much more powerful opponents who are almost impossible to beat; smurfs are created as entertainment, but they represent a big problem.

The Smurfs problem could soon have a solution

Because of Smurfs, the experience of some users is ruined as their skill does not compare to that of their rivals. So LoL developers have been trying to end this kind of behavior for a long time.

Riot Games have implemented the well-known “Smurf Queue” in search of a solution. Unfortunately, this queue generated a lot of headaches since, although it was intended for the “Smurfs” type of accounts; some new players entered this queue; when they were playing their first games.

Consequently, the game developers were forced to eliminate this queue, as many new players were paying the consequences of other people’s actions. However, it seems that Riot Games is already working on a plan to end Smurfs.

Will Riot Games be able to put an end to this problem?

A few days ago, a rioter spoke on the League of Legends subreddit about how annoying it is for many people to encounter smurfs in a game. A user complains about his experience when he meets this type of account in the games; this person explains that they are usually very toxic players that do not allow new players to play calmly and level up. In addition, the user asks Riot Games to do something about this kind of problem.

The person in charge of answering this user has been Riot Siraris, who affirms that Riot Games is working to create tools to deal with this type of user. He also adds that these tools will be implemented shortly.

riot games

However, no details have been revealed, and Riot Siraris kept the developer’s plans secret. On the other hand, with this message, they want to let people know that they are working on solving this annoying problem.

In addition, Riot Siraris suggests that LoL users should not be shocked if they see some update that kills the Smurfs before long.

Finally, Riot Siraris added that work is underway to improve the queueing system and will be released over time.