LoL: The Reason Why Milio Players Are the Healthiest

LoL: The Reason Why Milio Players Are the Healthiest

21. February 2024 by Never

League of Legends (LoL) is a highly competitive online game where every action and decision made by players can determine the outcome of a match. However, a persistent issue plagues teams in the Summoner’s Rift: AFK players (Away From Keyboard).

This situation, which translates to a player’s absence during a match, can completely disrupt the game, leaving the affected team at a clear disadvantage. That’s why players with the lowest AFK rate are considered healthy in terms of toxicity, and Milio is one of those who commits the most to the match.

What is Milio’s AFK Rate?

According to recent data collected by Milio, a platform for tracking and analyzing League of Legends matches, players using this application have a surprisingly low percentage of AFK incidents, with only 2.36%.


This figure contrasts significantly with champions like Sett, who tops the ranking with a worrying 5.22% of AFK players. The difference between these numbers highlights the importance of consistency and presence in the game to maintain a balanced and competitive team.

The 10 Least Toxic Champions, According to League of Graphs Statistics

As players progress through the ranking leagues and increase their elo, the AFK rate tends to decrease. This phenomenon suggests a correlation between players’ commitment and dedication to their progress in the game. However, there are significant regional disparities in the incidence of AFK players.

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Regions like TR (Turkey), LAN (Latin America North), and BR (Brazil) experience higher rates of disconnections during matches, which can be attributed to various cultural and internet infrastructure factors in these areas. In summary, the commitment and active participation of players, such as those who frequent the Milio platform, a


The Low AFK Rate of Milio Players in LoL

To foster a healthier gaming environment and reduce AFK incidents, players should prioritize commitment to matches, utilize platforms like Milio for tracking and analysis, and promote positive gaming behavior within the community.