LoL: Riot Contemplates Adjustments for Smolder Post-Launch

LoL: Riot Contemplates Adjustments for Smolder Post-Launch

5. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

League of Legends’ Season 14 continues to evolve, and with it comes the scrutiny of newly released champion Smolder. Despite a post-launch improvement in performance statistics, Riot Games is actively discussing potential tweaks to better balance this fiery new addition.

The Initial Struggle and Subsequent Improvement

  • Debut Challenges: Smolder’s initial entry into Summoner’s Rift was rocky, marked by a low win rate.
  • Adaptation and Progress: Players are gradually adapting, leading to an increase in Smolder’s win rate.

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Potential Changes Under Discussion: Riot Games’ Deliberation

  • Designer Insight: Riot Phroxzon, the lead gameplay designer, shared insights on Smolder’s current state and contemplated adjustments.
  • Community Engagement: A survey was created to gauge player opinions on Smolder’s power and performance.

Areas of Focus

  • Ability Cooldowns: Tweaks to the cooldown of Smolder’s abilities are being considered.
  • Ultimate Ability – ¡MAMÁAAA!(R): Changes to the healing percentage of the ultimate are on the table.

Decision-Making Process

  • Pending Decisions: The design team is yet to finalize the specific changes and their implementation timeline.

Win Rate and Popularity

  • Master Rank Performance: Smolder’s win rate has climbed to 45.5% among Master rank players.
  • Significant Improvement: Noted as one of the most significant win rate jumps from day one to two.
  • Popularity in the Ranks: Smolder has quickly become a popular choice among ADCs and new champion releases.

Fine-Tuning Smolder’s Gameplay in LoL esports

As Riot Games navigates the balancing act for Smolder, players can anticipate targeted adjustments aimed at enhancing the champion’s gameplay experience. The ongoing discussions and community feedback are crucial in shaping Smolder’s role in League of Legends, ensuring a fair and enjoyable environment for all levels of play.