Analyzing the Shift to Mage Junglers in LoL Season 13

Analyzing the Shift to Mage Junglers in LoL Season 13

20. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

League of Legends Season 13 has witnessed a significant shift with mage champions receiving updates tailored for jungle roles. This development has the potential to radically transform the jungle meta in the upcoming days.

The Impact on Three Key Champions

During Season 13, three champions traditionally played as support or in the mid-lane received skill kit enhancements to facilitate their transition into jungle roles. As we approach Season 14, it’s crucial to evaluate their effectiveness in these new roles.

Morgana in the Jungle

Morgana 50

Morgana’s adaptation to the jungle isn’t entirely new, as she has been viable in this role in previous seasons. Riot Games’ buffs to her camp clearing abilities made her a compelling choice in certain patches, even in competitive play. However, her kit, especially her Q spell, seems more suited for a jungler than a mid-laner.

Recent Patches and Morgana’s Revival

Patches 13.20 and 13.21 have rekindled Morgana’s jungle presence. Despite being a secondary role (less than 10% of matches), her win rate is above 50%. However, she remains a situational pick, especially in solo queue, due to her poor dueling capabilities and vulnerability to invasions.

Brand as a Jungle Champion

Brand 21

Brand received several significant buffs throughout the season, enhancing his AP ratios and base stats. Although not overpowering, he has emerged as a viable choice in higher Elo play.

Strengths and Limitations of Jungle Brand

Brand’s primary strength lies in his fast clearing speed. While not the best duelist, his AoE damage makes him formidable in skirmishes. However, he faces challenges in soloing neutral objectives and executing ganks.

Zyra’s Struggle in the Jungle

zyra mythmaker 762x

Despite updates in versions 13.14 and 13.21, Zyra has not found much success in the jungle. Her play rate in this role is low (3%), with an average win rate of 49%. Zyra lacks significant strengths apart from decent clearing, struggling in ganks and solo objectives.

The Emergence of Mage Junglers in LoL S13

The inclusion of mage champions in the jungle role during League of Legends esports Season 13 offers exciting possibilities for gameplay diversity.

While Morgana and Brand show potential in certain situations, Zyra’s adaptation appears less successful. This evolution in the jungle meta exemplifies the dynamic nature of League of Legends’ strategic landscape.