LoL Season 14: The Rise of Mages with Stormsurge

LoL Season 14: The Rise of Mages with Stormsurge

16. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The 14th season of League of Legends (LoL), Riot Games’ renowned MOBA, has ushered in a wave of changes, significantly altering the game’s landscape. Among these, a particular item has emerged as a powerhouse, especially for Mage characters in ranked matches: the Stormsurge Discharge.

The Stormsurge Phenomenon

Since the release of patch 14.1, LoL has been transitioning into a new phase of gameplay. The start of Season 14 introduced a plethora of updates, including Rift changes and new items, creating a somewhat chaotic environment initially. Despite a minor nerf in the 14.1b hotfix, the Stormsurge Discharge continues to be a formidable choice for players.

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Why Mages Are Thriving

Statistics from platforms like OP.GG reveal that Mages and AP (Ability Power) champions are currently dominating the mid-lane, largely due to the influence of Stormsurge Discharge.

This item, priced at a reasonable 2900 gold, offers 100 AP and Magic Penetration, making it a top choice for any AP champion. Its passive ability contributes to an unmatched level of destruction, making it a must-have for players looking to climb the ranks.

Strategic Advantage

Players are advised to capitalize on Stormsurge Discharge and focus on AP champions to enhance their ranking prospects. Given its overwhelming superiority, it’s highly likely that this item will receive further nerfs in the upcoming 14.2 patch.

Dominating the Meta with a Game-Changing Item

As LoL Season 14 progresses, players should stay attuned to the evolving meta and make the most of the current dominance of Mages with Stormsurge Discharge. Understanding and adapting to these changes is key to staying competitive in the dynamic world of LoL esports.