League of Legends Season 14: Strategic Changes to Jungle Pets

League of Legends Season 14: Strategic Changes to Jungle Pets

22. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

League of Legends Season 14 is set to introduce pivotal changes to the game, focusing on enhancing the dynamics of jungle pets. Riot Games, always in pursuit of balance and freshness in gameplay, is gearing up for these alterations in the upcoming patch.

The Evolving Jungle: A Closer Look at the Upcoming Changes

Riot’s ongoing efforts to refine the jungle experience have led to this significant development. The adjustments aim to bolster the role of jungle pets, addressing areas where they currently fall short.

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Key Changes to Jungle Pets

  • Increased Healing: The update will enhance the healing capabilities of jungle pets, allowing for more sustained engagements and strategic depth.
  • Reduced Base Damage: A reduction in the base damage dealt to epic monsters by jungle pets will balance their enhanced utility.
  • Scaled Damage Limitations: The damage limit against epic monsters will now be influenced by standard proportions of health, AP, AD, and resistance.

Specific Pets Unaffected

For now, unique passives and statistics of individual jungle pets like Trotabrisas, Pisamusgo, or Rasgafuegos will remain unchanged. This decision indicates Riot’s approach to maintain certain aspects of gameplay consistency while introducing new elements.

Additional Adjustments: URF Mode and Support Items

The upcoming patch isn’t just about jungle pets. It will also bring refinements to the support item and mark the introduction of a new champion, smolder. Furthermore, these changes will extend to the URF (Ultra Rapid Fire) mode, offering an alternate and dynamic gameplay experience.

Anticipating Patch 14.2

Set to be released on January 23, patch 14.2 is poised to reshape the jungle’s landscape in League of Legends. With a focus on fine-tuning the balance and enhancing the overall strategic depth, this update is eagerly awaited by players and enthusiasts alike.