LoL: Riot’s Strategy to Tame Briar with New Nerfs

LoL: Riot’s Strategy to Tame Briar with New Nerfs

29. November 2023 by Never

Addressing Briar’s Dominance

In the ever-evolving world of League of Legends, Riot Games consistently aims to maintain a balanced and competitive environment. Their latest focus is on Briar, a dominant force in the jungle, whose overwhelming power has prompted the need for new nerfs in the upcoming 13.24 patch.

Briar’s Ascendancy: A Challenge for Riot

Since her contentious release, Briar, the Noxian vampire, has steadily grown stronger, defying previous nerf attempts by Riot Games. Currently boasting a 51.62% win rate, she remains a top choice for jungle players. Riot’s ongoing efforts aim to finely tune her abilities, striking a balance between her Lethality and Fighter builds.

The Design Perspective: A Delicate Balancing Act

Riot August Browning, a key designer, emphasizes the intention to align Briar’s Lethality and Fighter aspects while generally weakening her overall strength. This approach underscores Riot’s commitment to ensuring diverse yet balanced gameplay strategies.

Upcoming Adjustments: Specifics of the Nerfs

  • Base Stats Alterations:

    • Armor: Decreased from 32 to 30.
    • Base Attack Speed: Increased from .644 to .669.
  • Crimson Curse (Passive):

    • Healing amplification based on missing health: 0-50% to 0-100%.
    • Healing from inflicted damage: Reduced from 25% to 20%.
  • Bloody Frenzy / Bite (W):

    • Attack Speed: Adjusted from 60-120% to 55-115%.
    • Healing from bite: Decreased from 36-60% to 25-45%.
  • Chilling Shout (E):

    • Damage reduction: Reduced from 40% to 30-40%.
    • Healing: Adjusted from 10-16% of max health to 9-13%.

Patch 13.24: Balancing Briar for Competitive Integrity in LoL

The upcoming nerfs to Briar in patch 13.24 highlight Riot Games’ continuous effort to preserve the competitive integrity of League of Legends. By adjusting her base stats and abilities, Riot seeks to maintain Briar’s unique playstyle while ensuring a balanced playing field for all champions. These changes are set to redefine how players approach Briar in the jungle, inviting new strategies and tactics in the game.