LoL: Riot Games suspends and fines former DFM trainers

LoL: Riot Games suspends and fines former DFM trainers

17. August 2023 by miranda angeles

Riot Games’ decision to fine and sanction former DFM trainers has recently been made public. This decision was taken after the investigation conducted by Riot Games and the LJL.

Riot Games suspends and fines former DFM trainers

For many years now, DetonatioN FocusMe has established itself as one of the best squads in the competitive LoL scene in Japan. This team can often participate in the LJL at MSI and Worlds. However, despite having great success at the competitive level, the organization has been involved in an investigation by Riot Games. The company launched an investigation after receiving allegations of internal abuse.

After receiving such allegations, Riot Games and the J-League management conducted a month-long investigation. They have recently revealed the result of the investigation and their decision on those investigated. Former DFM coaches Kyohei “Ceros” Yoshida and Kazuta “Kazu” Suzuki have been formally suspended for six months. While Nobuyuki “LGraN” Umezaki, the executive director, must complete harassment training, which a third party must provide.

Harassment investigation at DFM organization

According to the information disclosed, the LJL management investigated following league regulations. The objective of the investigation was to:

“To determine the presence or absence of harassment, broader violations, such as discrimination or assault, and anti-harassment measures as an organization.”

Based on the investigation’s findings, two rule violations related to harassment and unethical conduct were discovered. That is why coaches Ceros and Kazu have been suspended from the league for six months.

In addition, the company must pay a fine of 2 million yen for failing to prevent harassment within the organization. DFM has quickly fulfilled this responsibility by publishing the organization’s rules. In these rules, DFM stipulates that all members of the organization must undergo training on the subject of workplace harassment.

This training is to be conducted by the GameWith compliance committee, an external organization charged with training and educating all DFM members on harassment prevention. This training should include Nobuyuki Umezaki, who has four months to complete it.

Harassment problems at DFM

Recall that more than a month ago, we learned that Haruki “tol2” Shibata had fled the organization’s premises because he feared for his life. This player had been the victim of several threats and verbal abuse by the two sanctioned coaches on different occasions.

A day later, DFM announced the dismissal of Ceros and Kazu from the organization. At that time, DFM commented that the two coaches had made comments that could be interpreted as threats. On the other hand, DFM also informed that they had to improve their communication system and structure within the team.

In turn, the organization informed us that they are preparing a support system for its members. In this way, they could provide physical, emotional, and psychological support.

Although DFM is implementing new mental health measures within the organization, it has decided to terminate tol2’s contract and remove him from the starting lineup.