LoL: Riot Games announces which champions will be coming to the game

LoL: Riot Games announces which champions will be coming to the game

29. April 2023 by miranda angeles

Once again, Riot Games is in the spotlight after announcing their plans for the future of League of Legends. However, the news of the champions that will be coming to the game caught the attention of all the fans.

Ryan “Riot Reav3” Mireles was in charge of announcing the details of the new champions coming to LoL and presenting to the community Naafiri and Briar. The information shared by Riot Reav3 revealed that one champion would be a monstrous assassin, and another champion would be a jungle.

New champions are coming to LoL

According to the information revealed by Riot Games, the two new champions will arrive at the game in the next three months. Now, we will tell you all the details that are known so far about Naafiri and Briar.


The first of the champions we will discuss is Naafiri, a terrifying assassin who will soon join League of Legends. It’s safe to say the LoL player community has been longing for a monstrous and evil champion for a long time, and Naafiri will finally deliver on that promise. Riot Reav3 has hinted that Naafiri will have a very basic skill kit, but which will be very powerful.

Now, Riot Games, in its web release, has commented that the assassin role is one of the most complete roles in LoL. Most of the game is about knowing how to read the right opportunities to attack lethally for this type of champion. For this reason, the game developers have created for Naafiri a simple skill set that allows players to emphasize the rest of the game.

Although Riot Games has revealed quite a lot of information about Naafiri, it is not yet known what the champion’s theme will be like. However, it can be sensed that she may become the leader of the assassin pack. This would fit perfectly with Riot’s gameplay approach of making good hunts.

LoL Naafiri


Now, the second champion coming to LoL is Briar; she is the new jungler of the game. For her part, Briar arrives in the summoner’s rift after Naafiri. According to the information revealed by Riot Reav3, Briar will be a new bloodthirsty jungler, something that will soon cease to be suppressed.

The new jungler will be a beast from Noxus with an insatiable appetite ready to feast on anyone who deserves it.

LoL Briar

The third LoL champion is still a mystery

The third and last champion that will arrive in LoL soon is still a mystery; for the moment, we don’t even know the images of the champion. Right now, we only know that it is an artist from Ionia.

Even so, the champion’s past seems to bother him, and his mysterious demeanor makes us think he still has some unresolved issues.