LoL: Riot Games announces the return of Arena game mode

LoL: Riot Games announces the return of Arena game mode

29. August 2023 by miranda angeles

We have good news for all League of Legends players. A short time ago, Riot Games announced the return of the Arena game mode. The best is that we won’t have to wait long to enjoy this game mode again.

Riot Games announces the return of Arena game mode to LoL

Since the official launch of Arena in LoL, this game mode has become the most popular. Throughout the summer, LoL players have been enjoying Arena. However, many people were worried that it was a temporary game mode.

We have good news for all those people, Riot Games has announced that this beloved and popular Arena mode is returning to League of Legends servers.

Possible return date for Arena mode

Right now, no specific date is known for the return of Arena mode to LoL. However, Riot Games has announced that it will return to the game’s servers in a few months. So, the relaunch date may be in December. But that is not all. Riot Games has also announced that with the return of the Arena mode, there will be a greater diversity of champions, adjusted maps, a much wider game meta, and other novelties.

Undoubtedly, this game mode proved to be interesting for the most experienced players of each rank and casual players. Combining unique champion interactions with items, augmentations, and short matches makes this game mode fun and interesting. Also, thanks to the fact that no farming and scaling is required, any player can join whenever they want to join a match, making it much more appealing to many players.

Changes for Arena mode

Thousands of LoL players have loved the Arena game mode. However, some were asking for a change to the mode. This change is to be able to align with more than one group of teammates and friends. Many of these people have expressed their desire to be able to compete and measure their potential against their friends. To be able to include that option in the Arena mode, the developers must make some changes so that they will prevent a rise in the rankings.

On the other hand, it is important to note that Riot Games has also gone out of its way to dispel hopes that Arena mode will become a permanent game mode in LoL. The developer has informed us that for this game mode to be permanently on the servers, they need many players to stick around for a long time. However, there is still a scenario where the community fights to keep the game mode as a permanent client part.