League of Legends Prestige Skins and Variants: The Ultimate Guide

League of Legends Prestige Skins and Variants: The Ultimate Guide

25. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

League of Legends (LoL) has grown exponentially since its inception, continually surprising fans with innovative gameplay and cosmetic enhancements. Among the most coveted of these enhancements are the Prestige Skins and Variants. Whether you’re a newcomer to the Rift or a seasoned summoner, this guide delves into the alluring world of Prestige skins.

A Brief History of Prestige Skins

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Introduced in 2018, Prestige skins have been a hallmark of exclusivity within LoL. Riot Games, the developer behind this massively popular MOBA, introduced these skins as a unique blend of aesthetic allure and gameplay recognition.

Originally, these skins offered merely a golden touch to the champion’s appearance. However, since Season 12, Riot Games has reimagined these skins, ensuring they are not just a palette swap but a transformative experience for the players. These skins now boast distinctive sounds, particle effects, and champion models, offering a truly immersive gameplay experience.

Acquiring Prestige Skins: The Process

To flaunt a Prestige skin, players must invest in mythic essence, the in-game currency tied to this luxury. While new Prestige skins can be acquired with ease, those wishing to procure legacy Prestige skins must patiently await their rotation within the mythic store.

Champions Boasting Prestige Skins

True Damage Qiyana Prestige

At present, there are 66 unique Prestige skins, including the revamped versions of older skins. Though the number may seem substantial, several champions are fortunate to possess multiple Prestige variants.

Champions like Aatrox, Kai’Sa, Lux, Senna, Yasuo, Miss Fortune, and Akali stand out, each boasting two Prestige skins. Notably, some of these champions are also among the ones with the highest number of skins in the game.

Riot has hinted at expanding the Prestige collection, with champions like Camille and Yone soon to receive or augment their existing Prestige lineup.

Themes Dominating the Prestige Landscape

In the world of Prestige, certain themes or skin lines dominate. K/DA leads the pack with five distinct Prestige skins, not accounting for the re-releases. Following closely are Star Guardian with four, and True Damage and Project, each with three.

Exclusive Skins are Waiting for You!

League of Legends’ Prestige skins encapsulate the pinnacle of in-game cosmetics. These exclusive skins, coupled with their distinctive thematic backgrounds, offer players not just an aesthetic upgrade but also a testament to their dedication to the game. As Riot Games continues its journey, fans can expect even more captivating Prestige skins, further enriching the vibrant world of LoL.