LoL: Predator Rune Remains Weak, Riot Games Explains Why

LoL: Predator Rune Remains Weak, Riot Games Explains Why

14. December 2023 by Never

As we approach the end of Season 13 of League of Legends, Riot Games has been sharing insights into their future plans for the game. A particular point of interest is the Predator rune, which, despite being a weaker choice in the Domination tree, will remain as is. Riot August sheds light on the rationale behind this decision.

The Evolution of the Meta and Predator’s Decline

Over the seasons, League of Legends has witnessed an evolving meta, leading to some game elements being overshadowed. The Predator rune is one such element. Once a pivotal rune for several jungle champions, its weakening has shifted the focus to other options.

Riot August Addresses Predator’s Current State

Responding to a player’s query about Predator’s current status and future, Riot August, a.k.a. August Browning, a designer at Riot Games, expressed during a stream that the rune is considered detrimental to the game’s balance. The team deliberately keeps it weaker to avoid making it a go-to choice.

“Honestly, we deliberately want this rune to be bad. We believe it’s very bad for the game, so we make it deliberately weak,” Riot August stated. Despite its perceived low value, there are no plans to remove the rune.

“Sometimes the illusion of choice is better than having no option at all,” he added.

The Impact of Predator in the Jungle

Predator had been a key rune in the jungle, especially for champions like Skarner or Hecarim. Its active effect on boots, providing enhanced movement and attack speed, facilitated more effective ambushes. However, with the current stance of Riot Games, players will have to wait and see if the next season brings any changes to the Predator rune in League of Legends.

August Reveals Why Predator is Underpowered
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Mastering the Meta: Navigating Rune Dynamics in League of Legends

As players of League of Legends, adapting to the ever-changing meta is crucial. Understanding the strengths and limitations of each rune, including Predator, can lead to more strategic gameplay. Stay tuned for any updates as Riot Games continues to evolve the game.