LoL: Players accuse Riot Games of “copying” a skin

LoL: Players accuse Riot Games of “copying” a skin

7. August 2023 by miranda angeles

Recently, LoL players have accused Riot Games of copying an Ashe skin for Kayle’s new look. Recall that League of Legends skins have a history of controversy, and the most recent ones to hit the client have not been exempt. For their part, many players claim that Riot Games used old Ashe assets to create Kayle’s new look in Immortal Journey.

New skin theme for Summoner’s Rift

Riot Games will bring back a skin concept beloved by players to Summoner’s Rift, specifically Immortal Journey, with the upcoming League of Legends patch 13.16. In this new game patch, six champions, including Kayle, will be granted new skins. However, it only took a few hours for the outrage to spread. Shortly after, the studio made public the splash art of these champions.

Many members of the LoL gaming community believe that Riot Games has reused old skins. Some players claim that the developer used leftover components from Ashe’s skin to create Kayle’s new cosmetic that will soon be available for the MOBA.

Copy and paste?

One player started the discussion on Reddit. He is a user who believes that the Ashe Lunar Empress skin, which was released earlier this year, has been crudely copied into the Kayle Immortal Journey skin.

“The Ashe skin was used for Kayle because it sold so well. […] Fortunately, Kayle can transcend the Ashe clone later on; perhaps a different chroma could eliminate the striking visual similarities between the two. The look is good, especially the wings, which look better when they don’t glow.”

Ashe’s skin sold so well it got reused for Kayle
byu/Boudynasr inleagueoflegends

On the other hand, another player showed a side-by-side comparison of the two masks. In the comparison, this player emphasizes how similar the hairstyles were. But not only that but also the outfits of the two models are very similar. However, Ashe’s bow, Kayle’s wings, and Kayle’s transcendence mechanics differentiate the two characters.

The comments on social media were non-stop, with another player expressing frustration over the icons accompanying the masks.

“I’ve only recently realized how unoriginal and generic these icons are.”

On the other hand, one player commented that you can’t even tell who the character is on the icon.

For now, it remains to be seen if Riot Games will pay attention to player complaints. The studio has time to make the necessary adjustments, as this feature is currently being tested in the PBE. According to the game’s official schedule, it will be released along with patch 13.16 on Wednesday, August 16.