LoL Patch 14.9: Buffs for “Easy” Champions

LoL Patch 14.9: Buffs for “Easy” Champions

26. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In the upcoming 14.9 patch, Riot Games plans to apply buffs to certain champions considered “easy” to use.

Recently, Riot provided a sneak peek into what’s coming in the next version of their MOBA, and now we have the details. This Thursday, the League of Legends developer revealed that they will be applying buffs to some “easy” champions in patch 14.9. Here’s everything you need to know about these improvements and which champions are involved.

Patch 14.9 Buffs

On April 17, Summoner’s Rift saw the release of patch 14.8 notes. As we all know, this is the patch during which the Mid Season Invitational will take place starting May 1st. Due to this, Riot likely decided not to introduce too many changes in the update to avoid significantly impacting the competitive scene.

However, the developer will bring a cascade of changes in patch 14.9, including buffs to champions categorized by them as “easy.” Below is the information on the modifications, which, as almost always, come from Riot Phroxzon.

amumu porcelain 762x


  • Base Attack Damage: +4
  • Base Armor: +3


  • Q Slow: 35% >>> 40%
  • R+E Area Shield: 90% >>> 100%
  • Movement Speed: 12% >>> 15%


  • New animation for Ultimate
  • R can now be cast while moving
  • E will have a range indicator


  • Q Mana Cost: 80 >>> 60-80
  • E Cooldown: 15-7s >>> 11-7s


  • Passive Resistances: 10+50% bonus >>> 10+75
  • W Damage: 30-210 + 8% of max health >>> 10-130 + 12% of max health


  • Q Ability Power Ratio: 50% >>> 60%


In summary, Riot Games’ explanation for giving these champions an enhancement is that they have around a 51% win rate, which is low considering their 3% usage rate. This is in comparison to champions with a 7% pick rate but a 50% win rate. As a result, the “easy” champions will be buffed to feel more powerful for those who choose to use them.


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