Riot Swiftly Addresses Bugs in Karthus, Graves, and Twisted Fate Post-Patch 14.2

Riot Swiftly Addresses Bugs in Karthus, Graves, and Twisted Fate Post-Patch 14.2

25. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The recent patch 14.2 for League of Legends, hailed as one of the most significant updates of the season, introduced several changes to items and champions. However, unforeseen bugs affecting Karthus, Twisted Fate, and Graves emerged, prompting Riot Games to release a swift micropatch for rectification.

The Peculiar Bugs and the Micropatch

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  • Karthus’ Wall of Pain (W): This ability, designed to reduce enemies’ magic resistance, unexpectedly increased the AP defense of champions crossing the wall due to the bug.
  • Twisted Fate’s Pick a Card (W): The red card’s intended effect to slow the primary target was malfunctioning, affecting only surrounding enemies.
  • Graves’ Smoke Screen (W): Champions with the Unflappable rune gained excessive base stats while in the smoke, clouding vision and distorting gameplay balance.

David “Riot Phreak” Turley announced via social media that Riot Games had deployed a micropatch to address these issues promptly.

Additional Changes in Patch 14.2

  • Introduction of Smolder: The new champion Smolder is set to join the League roster, expected to be available from January 31st.
  • Comprehensive Game Tweaks: Besides champion-specific adjustments, the patch encompassed broad changes impacting overall gameplay dynamics.

Unforeseen Glitches in League of Legends’ Latest Update

While patches are integral to evolving gameplay and maintaining balance in League of Legends, they occasionally introduce unexpected challenges.

Riot Games’ quick response to the recent bugs signifies their commitment to a seamless gaming experience. As the LoL community anticipates Smolder’s arrival, players can now enjoy a more stable and refined gameplay post-micropatch.