LoL: Oscarinin played a Worlds qualifier with an injured hand

LoL: Oscarinin played a Worlds qualifier with an injured hand

28. August 2023 by miranda angeles

Yesterday, Oscar “Oscarinin” Muñoz Jimenez revealed to the LoL fan community that he played the Worlds qualifier with an injured hand.

Despite having a serious hand injury, Oscarinin participated in the match against EXCEL. The player commented that he had been hiding the fact that he had a broken hand until they won the set and got much closer to the 2023 World Championships.

Oscarinin’s Fnatic Debut

It’s safe to say that Oscarinin’s debut with Fnatic wasn’t as fantastic as many fans expected. Recall that Martin ‘Wunder’ Hansen, one of Europe’s most prominent top laners, left Oscarinin in the position of debuting with a team going downhill.

Oscarinin’s first split did not go well, and Fnatic qualified in ninth place. By the summer, the team decided to change the bot lane majorly, making fans wonder if Oscarinin should have been part of those changes.

Now let’s fast forward to the season finals, which was probably the most crucial game Fnatic had played this year, for it determined whether the team could continue its season in Korea. Despite having a hand injury, Oscarinin and Fnatic won the series. It is important to note that Oscarinin’s hand injury was known only to the team.

Oscarinin and Fnatic move closer to the 2023 Worlds

After watching the match broadcasts, we see that Oscarinin was not feeling very well during yesterday’s matches. Also, we could see how Oscarinin’s right hand was bent and cradled to protect it from further damage. Later in the video, you can see how Oscarinin carefully lowers his arm to the mouse and seems to have mobility issues with his wrist.

In the Fnatic and EXCEL matchup, Oscarinin proved an excellent player. Despite a fracture in his hand, we could see him play with four different champions, and at one point, he managed to defeat his opponents with a Pentakill. Undoubtedly, getting a Pentakill is always difficult, but doing it with an injured hand is much more complex. On the other hand, it is important to highlight that, although Oscarinin did not lead the whole match, his excellent performance was a key piece in this victory.

Oscarinin tells fans about his injury

With his place in the 2023 LoL Worlds secured, Oscarinin revealed a photo on his Twitter account showing his bandaged hand. In addition, the player wrote the following:

“I only needed one hand to beat Odo.”

Oscarinin talked more about his injury and revealed to fans that he fractured his hand at the worst possible moment. Despite that, he stood by his team and won the series. The player also commented that for a few days, he felt very worried, not knowing how he would be able to play with that injury in his hand. But after seeing the results of the match, he feels very happy and calm.

Oscarinin’s career has just begun. With that performance, the European top laner became one of the greatest in LoL. We hope Oscarinin recovers soon from his injury and can return to play at 100% of his capacity.