Smolder: League of Legends’ Fiery New Champion in 2024

Smolder: League of Legends’ Fiery New Champion in 2024

8. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

As League of Legends (LoL) gears up for Season 14, Riot Games introduces a new champion to its diverse roster – Smolder. This dragon-themed champion brings a unique blend of abilities to the battlefield.

Smolder’s Abilities Breakdown

lol fans already hating on new champion smolder for dragons disjointed features

Passive – Draconic Training

  • Functionality: Hitting champions with abilities and executing enemies with ‘Super-Mega Scorcher Breath’ grants Smolder stacks of Draconic Training. These stacks enhance Smolder’s basic ability damage.
  • Healing Mechanism: Smolder heals for the remaining bleed damage when an enemy dies.

Q – Super-Mega Scorcher Breath

  • Execution Power: Similar to the Elder Dragon, it executes low-health enemies.
  • Ability Evolution:
    • At 25 stacks: Damages nearby enemies around the target.
    • At 125 stacks: Creates explosions behind the target, dealing 75% of the ability’s damage.
    • At 225 stacks: Burns the target over 3 seconds, dealing true damage based on max health and instantly executing enemies below a health threshold.

W – Achoo!

  • Ability Overview: A fiery sneeze from Smolder that deals damage and slows hit enemies.
  • Additional Effect: Hitting champions triggers an extra explosion.

E – Flying Lessons

  • Mobility Comparable To: Talon’s wall jumps.
  • Functionality: Smolder gains temporary flight, increased movement speed, and terrain collision immunity for 1.25 seconds, targeting the lowest health enemy while airborne.


  • Ultimate Ability: Smolder’s mother breathes fire from above, dealing extra damage and slowing enemies at the center of the flames.
  • Healing Bonus: Smolder also gets healed if hit by the flames.

Analysis of Smolder’s Kit

Smolder appears less complex than some recent champions like Hwei, focusing on mobility and high damage ratios. Particularly noteworthy is the Q ability with an Elder Dragon-like burn effect, offering significant playmaking potential in team fights.

Meet Smolder: League of Legends’ New Dragon Champion in 2024

Smolder is poised to be a game-changer for players adept at maneuvering in skirmishes. Her unique set of abilities, especially the impactful execution mechanics of her Q, will likely make her a decisive factor in many matches. As Season 14 unfolds, Smolder’s presence on the Rift is eagerly anticipated by the LoL community.