LoL: Popular Demand for a New Champion Selection Tool

LoL: Popular Demand for a New Champion Selection Tool

6. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

League of Legends has always been known for its evolution through updates. However, after the latest adjustments to the champion selection screen, the community has voiced their concerns, requesting a tool that would optimize and enrich this phase of the game.

Unconvincing Changes

Season 13 brought significant changes, especially to the champion selection screen. One of the most controversial was the removal of ally names during this process. The immediate consequence was a community request to Riot Games, seeking to somehow retrieve the information that felt missing.

What Does the Community Request?

The request is clear: integrate a tool that, during champion selection, allows players to view the most-played characters by the ally who is about to make their pick. This request gained momentum thanks to a debate initiated by a user on Reddit, where a large number of players showed support, arguing the potential simplicity and efficiency it would bring to the process.

A player commented: “Knowing your teammates’ favorite champions could be key to building a better team composition.” He illustrated that by knowing an adc leans towards characters like Ziggs or Seraphine, a player could choose a physical damage champion for the mid lane, thus ensuring a balance in the type of damage.


You should be able to display your signature champions to your team in champion select.
byu/Money-Ad7947 inleagueoflegends

Repercussions of Potential Implementation

If Riot Games agrees to this request, the selection phase could undergo a drastic transformation, especially for those in high ranks. Synergy, particularly in the mid lane, would be enhanced, as the support would have the opportunity to choose based on the adc’s recurrent preferences.

Awaiting Riot Games’ Response

While the community awaits a response from Riot Games, everyone is gearing up for the arrival of patch 13.20, promising jungle adjustments, support enhancements, and significant modifications to K’Sante.

The Rol of the Community

The evolution of a game like League of Legends esports will always depend on the interaction between developers and players. It is vital for Riot Games to continue paying attention to community requests and feedback to guarantee a rich and competitive experience. Meanwhile, players must adapt and follow effective strategies with current tools.