LoL: MSI will be played with the new patch 13.8

LoL: MSI will be played with the new patch 13.8

19. April 2023 by miranda angeles

Yesterday, April 19, LoL patch 13.8 arrived, so playing with the new patch during the MSI will be possible.

All over the world, the spring splits are ending, and teams are fighting with all their might to try to get the last places for the MSI. As a result, the LoL developers have been working to make adjustments to the game, mainly focused on the competitive scene.

Even since patch 18.7, they have been working on these kinds of changes; we could see it in nerfs and performance improvements of champions like:

  • Lee Sin
  • Zeri
  • Wukong

Patch 13.8 arrives to change the current LoL meta

Now, with the changes coming with patch 13.8, the game’s current meta will undergo a big change. Riot Games has commented that it feels great with the current meta; however, some improvements are always welcome in LoL.

The game developers have planned to diversify the jungler pool and improve some underwhelming champions. But that won’t be all; some of the strongest champions will be weakened.

In addition, Riot Games plans to give all players skins to celebrate the first international tournament in 2023. Inkshadow is the

What changes will patch 13.8 bring to the current meta?

At this point, we already know the changes coming to LoL with patch 13.8. We can say that the most significant change is that of Kog’Maw, who generally will receive great improvements. Kog’Maw won’t arrive until he is a level S champion, but the plan is for him to appear more frequently in the solo queue.

The jungle changes, specifically the damage increase, also provide Lillia with extra healing and significantly better clarity in matches. Apparently, this champion will be one of the better options in this patch, as other champions are being nerfed.

Now, in the case of Nidalee, the improvements that the champion receives are mainly focused on the professional game. However, with the changes he has received, many teams will want to use him and take advantage of his control in the initial part of the games.

On the other hand, the changes in Leona and Alistar seem very intriguing as they can favor the immersions in the meta of the game. These champions are expected to increase their popularity with the combination of skills and the improvements received.

In the case of Nerfs, the game developers have worked very well to make the skills of extremely strong champions level up without making them useless.

Patch 13.8 Notes




  • Base AD increased from 60 -> 62.


  • Base AD increase of 66 -> 69;
  • Base Armor increase of 36 -> 38.


  • [W] – Zephyr damage increase of 70/100/130/160/190 -> 80/110/140/170/200;
  • AP percentage increase of [W] from 50% -> 60%;
  • Increased decay time of [E] – Eye of the Storm from 1.25s -> 2.5s.


  • [Q] – Taste his Fear damage increase of 60/85/110/135/160 -> 70/95/120/145/170.


  • [Q] damage increase – Icathia’s Surprise from 125-550 -> 140-650;
  • Cooldown reduction of [Q] – Caustic Slime from 8s -> 7s;
  • Mana cost adjustment of [E] – Oozing Void from 60-100 -> 40-100;
  • Increase in [E] slowdown from 20-52% -> 30-50%.


  • Increased bonus Armor and Magic Resistance from [W] – Eclipse of 15/20/25/30/35/35 -> 20/25/30/35/35/40;
  • AP damage increase of [W] of 45/80/115/185 -> 55/90/125/160/195.


  • Increased damage to Monsters from 50-150 -> 70-150;
  • Healing increase against Monsters from 24-75 +5.4%AP -> 39-54 +15%AP;
  • Healing adjustment against Champions from 6-120 +18%AP -> 6-90 +30%AP.


  • Base Armor increase of 28 -> 32;
  • Armor growth increase of 4.7 -> 5.


  • Increased damage per percentage of life from [Q] – Hammer Impact from 8% -> 9%;
  • Increased bonus resistances of [W] – Unbreakable Integer from 10% -> 12% (24% below 40% HP).


Aurelion Sol:

  • HP growth reduction from 95 -> 90;
  • Armor growth reduction from 4.3 -> 4.

Jarvan IV:

  • AD growth reduction from 3.4 -> 3;
  • [Q] – Dragon Strike damage reduction from 90/130/170/210/250 -> 80/120/160/200/240.

Kayn (Shadow):

  • Increased cooldown of [E] – Shadow Steps from 8s -> 10s;
  • Movement Speed percentage reduction of [E] from 80% -> 70%.


  • The base damage reduction of [W]’s first basic – Atronar from 30-90 -> 30-70;


  • Base armor reduction of 32 -> 30;
  • Armor growth reduction from 5.1 -> 4.9.



Cosmic Impulse (item).

  • AP increased from 90 -> 100;
  • Unique Passive – Spell Dance: Damaging a champion (except for damage over time) generates a 2.5% accumulation of movement speed every 1.5 sec for the next 5 sec, up to a maximum of 4 accumulations (10% of movement speed). With four accumulations, you gain an additional 10% movement speed (20% movement speed). When inflicting damage, this effect is reset.