LoL: Mastering Smolder ADC – A Comprehensive Guide

LoL: Mastering Smolder ADC – A Comprehensive Guide

2. February 2024 by Never

League of Legends’ Season 14 has introduced Smolder, a brand new addition to the Rift, offering a unique ADC experience. Despite a modest winrate, mastering Smolder can significantly enhance your gameplay. This guide delves into the optimal strategies for playing Smolder, ensuring you’re well-equipped for the battlefield.

Skill Order for Smolder

Maximizing your Q first is crucial as Smolder, as it’s your primary damage tool, growing stronger as the game progresses. Following Q, prioritize your W and finally your E to optimize your combat effectiveness.


Smolder’s Rune Choices

For an ADC like Smolder, Lethal Tempo isn’t the go-to choice. Instead, opt for Offensive Strategy, which aids in small trades, gradually wearing down opponents for the kill.

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Building Smolder

Start with Essence Reaver, much like Ezreal’s build strategy, aiming for Sheen on your first base return. Next, target Navori Quickblades for ability cooldown reduction. Your third item varies based on the enemy team: choose Lord Dominik’s Regards for tank-heavy opponents or Bloodthirster for sustain.

Remember, while attack speed boots are popular, Ionian Boots of Lucidity are optimal for Smolder.

ADC Playstyle Tips for Smolder

  • Focus on ability-based damage output.
  • Utilize Sheen’s passive for enhanced basic attacks post-ability use.
  • Exercise caution with your E, engaging only when safe and necessary.
  • Smolder synergizes well with CC-heavy champions.
  • Flash and Ghost summoner spells yield the highest winrate.

Introduction to Smolder in League of Legends

Mastering Smolder as an ADC requires a balance of strategic itemization, rune selection, and skill prioritization. Remember, adaptability is key, as every match may require slight adjustments to your build and approach. With these guidelines, you’re set to dominate the Rift as Smolder.