An Analysis of the Major Buffs to Mage Champs in League of Legends Patch 13.22

An Analysis of the Major Buffs to Mage Champs in League of Legends Patch 13.22

1. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

With the release of Patch 13.22, League of Legends enters an intriguing phase of gameplay adjustment, which could potentially redefine the current metagame. This patch sees a significant shakeup in the mage champ arena, and while some are skeptical, others are eager to see how these changes play out.

Mage Champ Overhaul: The Gist

As per the information released, 23 mage champs will undergo significant changes in their base attack metrics. Riot Games has been bold in its decision, taking the risk of short-term metagame balance to gauge the true extent of mage capabilities in the upcoming season. As stated by gameplay designer Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison, the aim is to “limit-test” and ascertain how the broader meta adapts to these modifications.

Champs in the Spotlight


Among the highlighted champions are Singed, Heimerdinger, Annie, Ahri, Xerath, and Teemo. Each of these will receive notable enhancements to their primary attacks. This change represents an upheaval for nearly two-thirds of the mage champs in the game, indicating the scope and potential impact of Patch 13.22.

Rationale Behind the Buffs

A significant issue driving these alterations is the prevalent choice among players to select the Attack Speed rune shard for their mages. By revamping basic attacks, Riot aims to provide players with more versatile options. Phroxzon emphasized the intent to balance mages such that players don’t feel compelled to pick the shard. However, this move will be followed by a reassessment phase, where any unintended imbalances will be addressed.

Exceptions to the Rule

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While this patch is comprehensive, it isn’t all-encompassing. Mages with auto-attack replacements, such as Karthus or Cassiopeia, won’t experience as profound changes. Riot’s intention here is clear: they don’t wish for players to divert from these specific abilities. Furthermore, several mages like Lux, Jayce, Varus, Aurelion Sol, and Malzahar are likely to remain untouched in this patch. But with the fluid nature of game testing, surprises might still be in store.

New Meta on The Way!

The alterations introduced in Patch 13.22 are a testament to Riot’s commitment to continual evolution and improvement in League of Legends esports. While the immediate aftermath of these changes remains to be seen, it is certain that players and aficionados will be keenly observing the shifting dynamics of the game. As the meta morphs and adapts, it will be fascinating to witness which strategies emerge triumphant in the wake of these buffs.